aerials always remind me how much space government center wastes.
July aerials for the Seaport and Downtown: gallery images_pages/Boston/Boston + Seaport_7-3-06/index.htm gallery images_pages/Boston/Boston_6-21-06/index.htm (scroll to the bottom for July)

a nice look down at the Mandarin construction:

There is a gorgeous 12 foot high - by 20 foot long (ish) poster of an aerial photograph in one of Northeastern's buildings (Behrakis) depicting the campus and the city behind it...
That aerial shows just how big a project that it really is when compared to the 10 buildings on the opposite side of Boylston.

It never got that impression seeing the project from the ground.
Yeah -- the site is roughly 90 ft by 450, which is a hair under an acre, and by any standard that is big for a building. Let's hope the Boylston streetwall isn't dull or monotonous.
Two shots on the approach to Logan on Wednesday. It was the best I could do with the flat lighting.

ablarc said:
^ Where's Homeland Security? ;)

too busy requiring passports for those dangerous Americans who travel to tropical destinations...

*exhausted from going through the passport process*