ANNOUNCEMENT: COVID-19 and Development Projects

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Jan 22, 2012
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We all know that as of this posting Boston has a construction moratorium. We all wonder what the impact will be with regard to projects both ongoing, approved, and proposed. We all wonder about the impacts for financing, supply/demand, etc. Please stop putting this speculation in the threads for individual projects. Keep these discussions in the several COVID-19 threads that we have elsewhere on the forum.

Post-COVID Urbanism Discussion - Use this for general conversation about Covid-19's impacts on urban life. General discussion about how cities are reacting, speculation about the urban future in the face of infectious diseases, economic impacts, etc.

COVID-19 in Boston - Use this for Boston specific discussion and news regarding Covid-19. Charlie Baker's executive orders or speculation about construction impacts for example.

COVID-19 Impacts on Logan, MBTA, and Boston travel and tourism - Use this for discussing transportation issues having to do with Covid-19. Airline effects, travel bans, MBTA schedules, etc.

Covid-19 and Portland's Development Future - Portland, Maine, specific issues.

Federal Government's Response to the Coronavirus - Federal policies and politics.

College Towns Post-COVID - What does the future of colleges, universities, and their host communities look like in the fallout of COVID-19?

This breakdown is not perfect, but using these is preferable to derailing multiple threads with speculation about economic collapse versus opportunities for an innovative future...

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