Golden Handcuffs

Patrick, a couple words of advice. I'm a law school grad who started out my career at one of those big firms that 2Ls lust after. The reason I took that job is because, having not been a lawyer, i didn't know shit about the practice and I measured everything by the salary numbers. All your classmates in law school will want those jobs except for a few weirdos that care about "public interest" and whatnot. Well, that big firm job made me miserable. A lot of my friends had similar jobs and a more unhappy bunch you could not imagine. Sure, we had fancy apartments, but we never saw them and on the rare occasion I'd go out with friends, I was THAT guy that did nothing but bitched about his job. Well, that guy sucks. With one or two exceptions, the only people I know that I graduated with that really enjoy their jobs are those that avoided the big firms -- prosecutors, defenders, city attorneys, etc. I've left the big firm and I'll never go back. My quality of life is much better now. Some people can thrive at a big firm, but very few would say they love their job.
In short, big firms pay those big salaries for a reason: they've got to have one thing to keep their associates from running far, far away. That salary is like a pair of golden handcuffs. Of course, it'll pay the student loans and the mortgage, but please, when you start sending out your resume as a 2L, don't judge the job by the size of the paycheck.
She was not happy with the results of her LSAT exams, and did not apply to law school. She's either deferring a year, or going into a pseudo-law program at UMB
castevens said:
She was not happy with the results of her LSAT exams, and did not apply to law school. She's either deferring a year, or going into a pseudo-law program at UMB one is, really. Some of the brightest kids I knew at UVM got low LSAT scores. They say it is the second most difficult standardized test. tell her to apply to suffolk, they accepted me immediately. Its the most technologically advanced school in New England.
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nice. when voting finally makes it to phpBB remind me to go back and vote this up... :)

Can it be done? Maybe in AB v3.0?
Bobby Digital said:
Patrick said:
Im a Sea Doggs fan, personally...hahaha

Patrick you rep Portland like no one I've ever seen. To the point where I get a little worried.

It's a great little city.

But I don't really like the sea dogs.
TheBostonian said:
Portland is worthy of any credit it gets on this board.

Thank you...

I read your post on urban planet, too, and totally agree.

I was in town today and the street life is just way more than one would imagine for a small city.
To keep this from turning into a Portland love fest... :wink:

How about the ability to embed YouTube clips into posts?
All the kids are into it these days.
Briv said he's gonna change over to a different server and he thinks when that happens you can embed videos
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Apparently the host had a power outage or something, briv tells me.

Are we hosted in San Francisco? I wonder if thats also why Livejournal is down.
Yep, the power failure clobbered both LiveJournal and Typepad. They're back up now.
Wow, sounds like the net's fairly dependent on infrastructure in SF. Can't wait for the next earthquake...
The power problems in San Francisco started at about 2 PM PDT, long after this forum hiccuped.
No dire emergency here, but..

for the last week or two I've been having serious trouble accessing this site, and this site alone. All I keep getting are "timed out" browser messages, and after I hit the reload button about five times (wasting five minutes..) will I actually get to the main forum menu. But at this point I don't even bother to try that because I'll have to repeat the reload procedure another 5-10 times, wasting even more time, before I'll actually get to a point where I can read a thread, let alone post anything.. it's aggravating! I'm still using my Mac and Firefox as always, and nothing significant has changed with either of them, so I dunno.. any tech savvy people have any ideas?

I'm typing this at the library, and who knows when I'll next be able to check up on any responses.. so uh until then play nice guys.