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Jan 22, 2012
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All members are encouraged to nominate a Boston area building development completed in 2019 that they believe is deserving of special recognition for its positive impact on the built environment.
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I have "neighborhood-changers" on the mind:
1. Hub On Causeway. Biggest transformed neighborhood in the city. Residential+Grocery+buried parking+restaurants+Boston Garden Entrance.
2. Encore - its gaudy, it's out of place, and it's the most ambitious project completed in the greater Boston area in 2019. $3.5B construction, massive environmental cleanup effort, multiple costly roadway improvements, and created a widespread public focus on public transportation needs.
3. Clippership Wharf. I despise how short these buildings are and how cheap they look, but they also transformed the East Boston waterfront, used the new climate-resilience codes, induced local retail+restaurant demand, and have driven TOD development in the area. They also are attempting the "living shoreline" restoration - jury is still out whether it will be maintained.
4. Whitney Hotel - Somehow they squeezed in a totally unassuming hotel into a historic district, used masonry, and didn't max-out the footprint. Stand down on the corner, and this building is the notable "gateway" to the neighborhood.
Anything that keeps Roxbury Crossing / Dudley- Nubian Square growing
Tropical Foods
Bruce C. Bolling Bldg
Bartlett Station
1417 Tremont St
Whittier Renovation
I second Quaker Lane and Emerson College Little Building Addition and Renovation
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