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Jan 22, 2012
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Nominate your favorite photo by an archBOSTON member posted on the forum in 2019. Please share the photo or a link to the post with the photo and credit to the photographer in your nomination.
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I recommend folks peruse the following threads for photos from 2019. Remember, we're looking for photos by members. So check that it's not a insta or flickr cred before nominating!

Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XII (2019)
Boston Skyline Photos (2019 pics begin part-way down page 59)
Crane Pix Past and Present (2019 pics begin part-way down page 32)
Hancock of the day... (2019 pics begin part-way down page 32)
Millennium Tower (Filene's) -Discussion and Photo Thread (2019 pics begin part-way down page 14)
When we used to do these awards I would keep a running list all year of pictures I thought deserved this distinction. Sorting back through every picture from 2019 just feels too daunting right now. There was one image of them tearing down the garage for Winthrop Center that still sticks in my head because was so visceral... let me see if i can find it again....

Edit: ok those pics were all from 2018. woops! I'll start keeping track again for this year.
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Ok. There is one picture that I remember from last year that really stuck with me. This one by @Subdivisions is exactly what Boston feels like everytime I'm in town. The grit, the failed modernism, the old brick against the shiny new subway car. This is the layering that makes Boston such a great city and even though this may not be the most glamorous or flattering picture of the city on the site, it is truthful and that is what i appreciate in an image.


from this post
I'll throw in a few that caught my eye. Lighting. Crops. Composition. Color. Names are just what I'm using as shortcuts.

I really do encourage folks to sort through some of the linked threads. There are some amazing shots!

By @Poolio - Zakim Underbelly

By @stefal - Downtown Canyon

By @DowntownDave - Seaport Cove Perspective

By @KentXie - Urban Canvas

@Boston02124 - Impressionist Rain
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