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Nov 2, 2010
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Surface Transportation Board once again muddles back into the stalled sale negotiations for the Bruce Freeman Trail. This time Town of Sudbury requesting a 1-year negotiating extension to Dec. 2021 for its proposed buy-up of the ROW from South Sudbury to Framingham city line. Town + CSX lawyers getting catty with each other in the STB boot.

Why TF is MassDOT still letting this thing malinger at the town level...where tempers have already proven many times over to flare with CSX?!? Bruce Phase III south to FSU could've had its land settled years ago if the state swooped in with one check and a proper landbank...then simply taken in-house any debts owed/committed by the towns rather than leave them to their own devices to get periodically mouthy with a multi-billion dollar corporation. Were it not for 12 frickin' years of this twisting-in-wind farce DCR would probably already be grading trail down that way. Under this asinine division of labor the abandonment still hasn't even consumated yet.

This isn't a large enough sum of money to be sowing hard feelings over. Bring it fucking in-house already!(n)


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Mar 17, 2017
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The Spot Pond Greenway feasibility project is still moving forward, connecting the Northern Strand through Malden Center and up by Oak Grove+Fells. The December community engagement meeting was well done, and this connection would go a long way towards the ongoing livability improvements to Malden Center. Lots of community engagement to come, as there is a lot of "borrowed" easements and government owned property being used by others along the route.

54:25 goes through a who's-who of typical NIMBY opposition: Reduced property values, nobody bikes here anyway, increased crime, peeping toms, trash, "I see nothing but problems."



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