Cambridge skyline photos


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Sep 6, 2007
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Cambridge finally has a decent skyline with more towers on the way,let’s give it its own thread
Cambridge, itself, is pretty goddamn gorgeous and it's a wonderful town to walk around in. The "skyline" is not one of the aesthetic gems of the city, though. The high-rises in and around Kendall are dull and unimaginative. Lots to love about the city, but Cambridge's "skyline" is not one of them.
Speaking for myself: i have associated numerous words with Cambridge over the decades....
"Skyline" has--and will continue to be--not one of them.
Looks a million times better than it used to. Also now you can see a center of gravity, buildings clustered around a downtown area, instead of scattered buildings lining the river.
Didn't realize Cambridge has a skyline. Impressive. Its no Jersey City, but still quite impressive.
That picture of Alewife makes me sad
Yeah, me too. I grew up a few blocks east of there. The Alewife area has turned out to be an unimaginative sprawl of cookie cutter uniform height buildings.