Central Square

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They have a digital Bush Countdown Clock at the right side of the far wall. When I entered the bar on Wednesday 1/21, it was displaying all 0's.
Is that record store 2-3 buildings down from there still open?
With the exception of the severly mentally ill that were left to fend for themselves, I have very little simpathy for the homeless. Drug addicts and alcholocis get no simpathy, its all self inflicted. Most homeless had to make a lot of mistakes to get there and then just gave up. There are saftey nets like shelters, housing projects, food stamps, and job centers out there to get you back on your feet. If I were homelss I'd go to a shelter and apply to a lot of jobs that don't require you to be very presentable (laborer, garbage man, etc) . It's a simple fact that with 6.5 billion people, some are just total fuck ups. Thats life.

Freud says we're pretty much who we are by age three, and he's right.

Whoa. I came here to find out about Central Square.

I dunno if I want to get into all this other stuff. (Yes, I do.)

Homelessness can happen to ANYBODY! And not only for the reasons quoted above. This economy will certainly drive that home for a few who won't see it coming. Risk takers and those who don't subscribe to the conventions of capitalism's norm will always be the most vulnerable, along with 'plain, simple, poor folk' who are often the least visible, as demonstrated by the above-quoted post.

And do you really think humans are imprinted by age three?! Behavior patterns to be addicted, lazy, obese, ignorant, et al? (Maybe I'm misunderstanding the context.)

Regardless: okay, you alkies, who among you recalls if you were wired for addiction at age three? Anybody in your family sense that in you or tell you they saw it coming based on your behavior at three years old?

Stick to urban aesthetics and, maybe, politics.
Keep the sociology to the ...ummmm... socialists. :p


(Yeah yeah. The implications on the psyche of urbanism. Whatever.)

So... vistas of ... something or other... where were we...? Oh, right! Central Square

Niiiiiice urban view.

Up close, though, missing some of the venues that I admired. Record stores, for instance.

Lurker said:
Is that record store 2-3 buildings down from there still open?

Do 'record' stores still exist? None in Oakland anymore. Few in Berkeley. Two in SF that I know about. Cambridge and Boston, given its student population, may have retained one or two. Looney Tunes? Underground Records? Skippy Whites? Nuggets? In Your Ear? That one (two?) in the basement near the Lampoon? Bookstores AND record stores. Bookstores got the press (no pun), but disc shops were just as much a feature on the landscape and went unheralded.
Lets keep this about the build environment. Unfortunately homeless are a fact of life in Central Sq but making broad generalizations doesn't help any argument. I'm gonna keep these comments here as they are but if a tangent forms I will probably delete it or risk this thread devolving.
Is that record store 2-3 buildings down from there still open?

Nope, Mojo is gone (out of business) - soon to come in that spot, according to the storefront, is the Atomic Bean Cafe.

Central Square's sole remaining record store is Cheap-O Records, which moved a little while back from its subterranean HQ to the closed Skippy White's storefront.

However...a new place, Weirdo Records, will be arriving soon. Bravo!
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Atomic Bean Cafe, or just Atomic Cafe?

Atomic Cafe is awesome, they're based in Beverly, but they've got a shop in Marblehead, and Lynn I think.
Atomic Bean Cafe - unrelated to the Atomic Cafe, according to someone on Chowhound.
Yay for more cafes in Cambridge...at least something to take the novelty off the new Crema in Harvard Square, where I haven't been able to find a seat in months.
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