Commission on the Future of Transportation Report


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Sep 15, 2010
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MA just released the report from the Commission established earlier this year. It is quite a document.

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VOLUME 1: Recommendations to Meet the Transportation Future:

VOLUME II: Background Books – Facts, Trends, & Issues:

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An example:
State and municipal roadway design and operation should prioritize person throughput, rather than vehicle throughput, so that limited corridor capacity is allocated to moving as many people as possible. Transportation agencies too often prioritize the movement of vehicles over the mobility of the people. Going forward, roadway owners must prioritize the movement of the maximum number of people, regardless of mode, in the design of transportation projects both for new facilities and the retrofitting of existing corridors in order to accommodate additional modes. In some cases, this will mean allocating travel lanes and/or curb space for transit and other multi-passenger vehicles. Transportation corridors are a limited resource, and the Commonwealth has a responsibility to ensure that they are well-maintained, used as fully and fairly as possible, and further the achievement of other goals such as reduced congestion, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and shorter commutes.