"Dirty Old Boston"

Porter Square shopping center, 1957:

The first three minutes is a love-letter to a fully functioning T. This is great stuff!
Let’s not forget the tremendous human cost associated with the leveling of the West End! My brother’s in-laws were forced out of their home in the West End; they relocated to Malden to a very nice two family home but his father-in-law never forgave the city of Boston!
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I grew up in North Cambridge, but that photo ^ could have been me, my sister and mother back in 1960. I wore a necktie or bowtie everyday to school, grades K thru 8, and of course to church on Sunday, and my mother looked just like that lady, hat and all. These people do not look like they were from a "slum".
Agree on the building, hard disagree on the timeframe. 75 State Street did *not* take five years to construct.

It was going up in earnest when I was in 9th grade and going to high school in Back Bay (1987) and it was completed when I was in 10th grade (1988).