Hall of Shame Nominations

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Who is sticking up for Congress Street Garage?
I can't see that garage having any redeeming features either. Ditto for Tremont on the Common. The rest of your List 2 are buildings I can accept as part of the urban landscape, though not necessarily love.
^ Fair enough, though its [few] defenders would tell you that as an object the garage is a brilliant exercise in the use of structural precast --like the Five Cents Savings Bank. That's the end of its list of virtues, though.

Tremont-on-the-Common is junk.
Park Lane offends me so deeply because it is new and already horrible. Imagine that cheap crap in ten years, twenty...

The other stuff I just think of as a folly of their times, Park Lane is of our times. It's just folly.
Even the O'Neill, I can imagine some future generation retrofitting to provide street-level storefronts, like the State Transportation Building has. It sort of looks like the designers intended this, but didn't follow through.
Who has any love for the Hotel Commonwealth?

(And was that a rhetorical question?)
I like the fact that it has a bookstore, Symposium Books, in it. More bookstores are always a Good Thing.

Back in the day, I used to frequent a Paperback Booksmith in approximately the same location where Symposium is today.
For the Hall of Shame, I nominate Quincy's billion dollar redevelopment.
^^ Worst New Development?

Are they financing the Quincy project with magic beans?
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