Hobson's Landing | Aloft Hotel | 383 Commercial Street | Portland

Also, IIRC, the congregation did not want the building converted into a use that could potentially serve alcohol (see also: Grace), so I believe the sale required that the church be demolished.

Portlander: great shot! Also, thank you for your service! Do you recall, is that the crumbling remnant of the New England Feeds grain elevator just west of the Naval Reserve?

Also notable: the lot which is now the Irving station just across from Becky's, which was originally the first Wright Express card lock station, is still vacant. And, the white painted sign with the seagull at the corner of Commercial and Maple let travelers know that they were "Entering Boone's Country," with the distance to the restaurant.
Thanks Mark, I can't take credit for taking the photo but it clearly shows how underutilized and depressing that area once was and I'm pleased that part of Commercial Street has been rejuvenated. You are correct about the grain elevator and I do miss the classic Boone's Country sign!
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Nice to see this one rising!

Anyone know if there are plans to put a traffic light here at High/Commercial, or maybe further West at Park/Commercial?
Random question: anyone here know who the "Hobson" in "Hobson's Landing" is?
I have a condo at 25 High Street (the yellow/brick colored building across the street). The developer sold the units facing (what is now) Hobson's Landing as "water view," and charged more for them ($50K more for 5th floor two-bedroom units). Those are now "wall view."

I saved $50K and bought a city view on the 5th floor (in 2018). I'm constantly amazed at how little research some people do before plunking down hundreds of thousands of dollars on real estate.
Welcome Conrad! Isn't there an old saying in real estate about the view never being guaranteed? By the way do you have any insight into what's going into the ground floor next to the golf place?