MBTA Red Line / Blue Line Connector


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Mar 19, 2012
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Hasnt the “obvious” route always been sending blue down the riverfront and replacing the green D branch with blue? F line always stated that if/when it happens you need to swap out storrow, but regardless thats been the generally accepted future of the line for a while.
Case in point, this is exactly why I decided to write this piece. :) Sending Blue to Kenmore is feasible enough, but sending to Riverside creates major problems because it prevents the conversion of the Needham Line to rapid transit. I go into this in further detail in... I think it's part 4? So stay tuned. (Blue-to-Riverside is a common suggestion; part of why I wanted to write this piece was to centralize all of the common ideas and all of the challenges associated with them. Like an FAQ for Blue Line West.)

There also is a significant contingent, as we've seen upthread, who prefer sending the Blue Line to Cambridge, which I think also has appeal, and is why I don't think the next step is as obvious as it might be.
Congrats on hitting the character limits (I didn’t know we had any) best wishes on the blog and I hope you’ll keep cross posting
^ +1 on this. I enjoy your posts and will be more likely to check out your long-form work (in the busy-ness of life, etc) if you cross post it here.
Cheers folks, I really appreciate the encouragement! Yes, I will continue to cross-post here. I'm hoping to strike a balance where I can post more succinct summaries here and provide links to the blog posts to have all of the insane detail I can't help but write out. I don't want to seem like I'm just trying to advertise the blog, though, so I want to make sure I find a happy medium.

I also always include the link to my latest post in my signature, so you'll be able to see it there as well.

(And I think the character limit is 50,000 characters? I know F-Line also would hit it somewhat frequently.)