Mercy Hospital | 144 State Street | Portland

let's go for nostalgia....
I miss the Victory Deli that was in monument sq. I miss the pastrami and rye. A good deli that offers real good had cut meats that are sliced on the spot . I vote for an outpost for HB Provisions in Kennebunkport !!!
Would love something with an "all day" vibe. I don't know if you've been to Smalls down by the CBB but they do a good job making it somewhere to hang out, have coffee, do a little laptop work, have breakfast or lunch, or have a cocktail in the evening.

I second the "all day" vibe. Too many coffee shops close early and too many sandwich shops open only for lunch. I know workers are hard to come by but there are many afternoon/evening coffee drinkers out there. I think some coffee shops should actually open early and late...and close mid-day if they need 6am-11am, close 11am-3pm and open 3pm -8pm type schedule.

This really is going to be a lot of different unit floor plans
Wow, excited to see how the pedestrian traffic influences this area of Portland. Looks like a fun neighborhood to call home with so many different places to explore within a short bike ride or walk. What type of companies/products might be going in the commercial spaces here? A coffee shop or cafe? Best of luck! You guys continue to get the job done when it comes to helping curb the housing crisis in southern Maine. :giggle: