New Haven

Off topic but it was interesting to learn that New Haven is the birthplace of three pop music legends. Karen and Richard Carpenter (Carpenters) with 21 Billboard Top 40 hits, 15 AC #1 hits, 3 Grammys and over 110 million in worldwide records sales, and Michael Bolton with 16 Billboard Top 40 hits, 9 AC #1 hits, 2 Grammys and over 75 million in worldwide record sales. Wonder if there is a street, marker or statue recognizing their contributions to the world of music in the city?

there is a series of murals throughout downtown called New Haven Notables that recognizes native contributions to pop culture, entertainment, sports, science, etc... i am not sure how often it is updated.
What's the tower in the back left here?
that is part of the proposed development, a phase 2 or 3 tower. Phase 1 is apartment + retail as shown in the render. Phase 2 and 3 calls for a hotel tower and a separate life science/lab office tower
Back when that was the closest Ikea, I used to go down to that part of New Haven fairly often, never realized that was a hotel. Really cool building in my opinion, nice to see some updating take place that doesn't detract from the external shell.