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Just cancel it. Or do what Baker did and send it back to the drawing boards. Too bad all the responsible parties are virtually worthless.

I'm willing to be there is already $1-2 billion in sunk costs already, so cutting a couple billion is probably out of the question.
45 broad st has been redesigned

old design

This is a devastating change for one of the towers I was most hoping to see get built. They took an all-time design, scaled it down in an area that desperately needs another supertall to challenge One WTC, and are turning it into a lamer version of the Winthrop Square Tower. From a skyscraper perspective this is possibly the worst news of the year to date.
Went to NYC this weekend. Still sorting pics (got a lot within midtown) but here's a couple to whet the appetite. It was not the NYC I remember and is only going to get more impressive as taller and taller buildings keep getting built. The city now has more buildings over 1000' than the rest of the country combined! I know it's a totally unfair comparison, but still going to take a while to readjust to Boston after this. The Hancock would now be approximately the 50th tallest building in NYC, whereas it still felt competitively tall with most of NYC's tallest towers through the 1990's, and then (unfairly but is what it is) through about 2012.

There are also a LOT of ugly buildings, but the supertalls steal the show.

Son viewing the skyline in the distance from NJ.

IMG_0146 by David Z, on Flickr

Hudson Yards from Hamilton Park NJ.

IMG_0202 by David Z, on Flickr

952' on the left, 1550' on the right, 1428' peaking out to left of 1550'. For a Boston comparison, the glass tower on the right is the equivalent of stacking the Pru on top of the Hancock and then putting a basketball hoop on top. Kind of plain looking though for the current tallest to the roof.

IMG_0241 by David Z, on Flickr

Old vs. new

Adjacent to Hudson Yards - cool terracotta.

Another Hudson Yards-adjacent building. During the 2020 Covid apocalypse when NYC emptied out and shut down, it was so quiet, you could hear the breeze blowing through the branches of the trees and the sound of your own breathing. The tower on the left was the only site in the area that was fully under construction as if everything was normal. Tons of noise, trucks coming and going with materials and concrete mixers, and guys in hard hats walking around, etc.
I would walk my dog by here twice a day just to feel the sense of activity, that there was still some hope.
-Not bad I must say.

This Penn Station Plan May Be the One Everyone Can Live With



“The details are still being worked out, but broadly, the ASTM/HOK plan would demolish the 5,000-seat theater that now clings like a barnacle to the Garden’s underside and hangs down into the station. That would clear the way for a grand Eighth Avenue entrance and a wavy, high-ceilinged train hall with daylight, views, direct platform access, and clear, actually legible signage. A wide concourse would lead to another, more modest hall closer to Seventh Avenue. Smoother crowd flows would alleviate the acrid rush-hour tang of claustrophobia and panic and allow the place to handle even more passengers. (It would do nothing to add more trains to the schedule, though.) Crucially, all of that would leave the rest of the arena above undisturbed.”
St johns terminal redev, west village

This is an old link from 2018. The site has since been redeveloped as Google’s expansion

The towers rendered in @stick n move's pictures are happening, but one block up from St Johns Terminal (which @awood91 correctly points out is being redeveloped into an expanded Google campus). 570 Washington street is slated to be very high end residential. Appears to have broken ground two weeks ago. More information and renders in this thread.
The towers rendered in @stick n move's pictures are happening, but one block up from St Johns Terminal (which @awood91 correctly points out is being redeveloped into an expanded Google campus). 570 Washington street is slated to be very high end residential. Appears to have broken ground two weeks ago. More information and renders in this thread.

Ok that makes sense now.

I found a render showing both projects together. These are going to be an incredible edition to the hudson waterfront.
Came across some awesome news on ny yimby, an amazing development planned for east new york. This is the type of megadevelopment you dont see much of these days and the type that could put a serious amount of new housing units into the pipeline.

Urban Village Mega-Complex Moves Forward In East New York, Brooklyn







The ‘urban village’ site is currently home to the Christian Cultural Center megachurch and a school bus depot for Total Transportation.

“Plans to construct the 10.5-acre Urban Village mega-complex in East New York, Brooklyn, are now under review by the New York City Department of Buildings. The complex is being developed by Gotham Organization, Monadnock Development, and the Christian Cultural Centerand is bound by Pennsylvania Avenue to the northeast, Flatlands Avenue to the northwest, and Louisiana Avenue to the southwest.

Designed by Practice for Architecture and Urbanism (PAU), led by architect Vishaan Chakrabarti, the complex will yield roughly 1.7 million square feet spread across 11 new buildings. This includes 675 affordable housing units, 200 supportive senior housing units, and 100 affordable home ownership opportunities, for a total collection of 1,975 apartments.

The filings currently under review pertain only to the first two phases of the development, referred to as phase 1A and phase 1B. Together, these initial phases will create 817 permanently affordable rental units, 27,000 square feet of commercial space, and 107,000 square feet of below-grade parking.”
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