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Nov 10, 2021
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Proposed project on I-195 land could include housing, restaurant, and lab space (Boston Globe)


PROVIDENCE — A Boston-based developer has submitted a proposal that would redevelop a section of the former I-195 land in phases to include housing, retail, and restaurant space.

CV Properties submitted their proposal to the 195 Redevelopment District Commission and company representatives will present their plans during a meeting on April 19. The proposal, which was shared with the Globe on Wednesday, includes plans for a 149-unit residential building to anchor Parcels 14 and 15 along Dyer Street. The proposal also outlines the firm’s plans for an adjacent parcel of land owned by Brown University.

images: CV Properties

This is directly across the street from where the Fane proposal was, no? I like this. I hope it happens and I think most in Providence would consider it to be far more contextual than the 500+ foot tower. CV Properties seems to have a better track record as well.
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CV Properties is the same developer that built the Aloft Hotel and 225 Dwyer Street (Wexford) across the street from this proposal. Unlike the Fane Tower, this project is likely to actually get built.
It's on the same side of the street as the Fane proposal (marked in orange)

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Thanks for the visual, that's helpful. That's where I thought it was. By "across the street" I meant the little stub of Dorrance Street that dead ends at the walkway to the pedestrian Bridge, not Dyer.
As this rendering shows, this building (and those in later phases) would certainly alter the view from the bridge. Unfortunately it seems as though the only reason the uninterrupted view of the skyline is visible the first place is because of the massive parking crater along Dyer Street. It would be a bit sad to see this view go, though it's obviously not worth leaving blocks upon blocks of undeveloped asphalt in the middle of downtown.

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This would be really nice to see completed. Theres still blocks upon blocks of empty no-mans land in this area of downtown and it would be nice to see a couple more of them filled in. Im always hoping that at some point theres going to be a tipping point where enough of them get redeveloped that it creates an attractive enough area to keep luring more and more projects. Hopefully this can be a part of that. 3 buildings right here would really fill in nicely.
I-195 District Commission formally voted Wednesday night to select CV Properties

Awesome news! Great to see some lab space proposed here as well. Im surprised it took so long. Providence is in my opinion the 2nd most desirable city in the region and with all of the labs going up in Boston theres no reason Providence cant be a release valve for some of the demand. The area around Providence also has MUCH cheaper housing than Boston and Providence is on the commuter rail and Amtrak with service to both Boston and NY. It seems like a perfect fit, especially with all the colleges in Providence as well.
I-195 District Commission formally voted Wednesday night to select CV Properties

The article shared above also included another proposal.


“At the same meeting, Urbanica Inc. presented its updated design plans for parcel 2. The Boston-based firm entered into a $2 million purchase and sale agreement for the parcel in March 2022, with plans to build a curvy, six-story, 134,750-square-foot building with 194 apartments and ground-floor retail space.”

“Urbanica’s latest design includes some changes made following input from neighborhood groups, including scaling down the size of the building to better match the surrounding facilities and removing the bridge connecting the two buildings.”

“While the originally proposal included 194 units—182 market units and 12 affordable units—the new design reduced the number of units to 171, of which 166 are market units and five are affordable. The total number of parking spaces was also reduced from 90 to 60.”

“The new design vision is equally strong as the initial vision and is even more responsive to the unique site conditions and context,” Utile said in a memo. “The development team has shown uncommon versatility, commitment, and willingness to listen to and respond to local stakeholder feedback on the project’s design direction.”
I did like the curvy proposal but breaking up the site/footprint like this does help. I think parcel 6 successful for that reason. Hope it gets builttttt!