Raffles Boston (40 Trinity Place) | 426 Stuart Street | Back Bay

So this doesn't look like its 446 feet as listed on wikipedia. Looks more like a 380-400 footer...????

From further away it's more obviously a cut above the Westin and Marriott. From the river it sits further back, otherwise would read as taller.

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That 2-story concrete bunker parking "garage" on the left has to be on someone's radar for development. Nuts that something like that persists in Boston.

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I know the current garage is used by Tufts Medical Staff. My husband used to park there every day while working at Tufts. It's pretty awful. I'm not sure if it's owned by the hospital, but it certainly does seem like a good development opportunity!

Gorgeous shots! thanks for sharing. i drove by it on the pike today (didn't snag any pix for obvious reasons) and this strikes me as one that -- even in excellent photos like these -- really benefits from real-life/in-person viewing. Was reasonable to have a degree of fear that it'd marginalize the JHT's impact, or be some weird, height-disadvantaged sibling, but it plays really well with its environment (at least from the Pike).
Another milestone passed: crane is disassembling itself this morning.
I remain kind of amazed that this building exists now. It was on-hold for a long time and was built pretty quietly.
Can't wait for the BXP development to get started to remove the eyesore that is the back bay garage. Also, Raffles looks best from the south end walking north and on the Masspike heading west. It always looks taller from these angles. Looks smaller from the north.
Morning of 1/21/23. Looks like they are finally taking down the tower crane 🏗


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