Somerville High School Renovation & Expansion | 81 Highland Ave | Somerville

Surely not a sidewalk. More likely a planting bed, no? Grow some ivy up those walls..

The dual curbs read like a roadway, but it’s impossible to find plans for the project so it could be anything.

I would love to see them put up murals on the walls, to preempt the inevitable graffiti.
Fire lane makes most sense. That part of the building is seems within range of Medford and Highland, but likely out the comfort zone of Somerville Fire considering the height and purpose of the building, would be my guess.

I've said it before - this place will be so well drained. Nothing but a sea of gravel in these pictures.
I think they did a good job, no water retainage, walls have not shifted or sunk after a month of rain this summer! The T tracks also for that matter.
But they have fire access along the other side of the field. There will be a roadway to get cars into the CTE autobody shop.
I thought the body shop had access via the driveway behind the library.
They have a notional plan to restore the building to something near its original appearance. It would include restoring the original roofline, but with a balcony out back to take advantage of the view for the offices in the building.
I’m trying to figure where they are going to place the bike cage for Gilman station. I thought it was going to land just west of the stairs up to Reavis Field.
There's been some push-back/controversy (whatever you want to call it) on FB in reaction to the above post, with some (many?) claiming that the city is making the field "toxic" by using astro-turf instead of actual grass. Additionally (this part wasn't new to me), there continues to be frustration that the long-ago proposed parking facility beneath the field was later removed from the development plans (on the one hand, living in the direct area I get it -- parking is already difficult enough -- but on the other hand, this joint is literal steps away from the Gilman GLX stop).