The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

Hi, for those of you on this board (including me) who are annoyed with the ‘yes this is a pool’ banner on top of the building… HubHouse management just announced it’s coming down next week! Will be removed Sept 22-25.
That's great news--except it's still there. They are so committed to that banner lol.
That's great news--except it's still there. They are so committed to that banner lol.
Wow, the Verizon Building looks great in those photos. It seems that the three stages of acceptance of the Verizon Tower for me have been:
1. Initial shock: Wow, that render is terrible. What are they thinking with this?
2. "Storming": Well, the completed building looks better than the render, but still funky.
3. "Norming": That building looks pretty damn good.
Off topic, but do we think that there will be some kind of “North Station Yards” air rights project in the decades to come?
The design of the top of the tower has a distinctive warehouse flair to it, and the bottom is scaled to fit in with its Bullfinch Triangle neighbors. The real problem is the completely needless glass bulge in the middle.

Yea I agree about the glass bulge, unnecessary and ruins the verticality. Overall though I dont hate the verizon tower, although the version with the spire was much better and would have been a nice addition to break up all of the flat roofs in the skyline.

To me I always have felt that if any of the towers are a mess its the glass residential. It has way too much going on. Its on stilts, has a random notch out of the roof, a thin strip of balconies up the side with different glass to the right and left with horizontal grey stripes on one and the other with scattered vertical stripes, plus that weird crown thing. Its just too much, and its the exact same height of the verizon tower. It should have been either taller or shorter.

Buuuut, all that being said the podium is soo good that it makes up for any shotcomings up above imo. Its phenominal.
Wish it was still ArcLight, just to mix things up (AMC's footprint in Metro Boston is beginning to feel like a regional monopoly), but fantastic for Hub on Causeway and great in general to draw folks to the downtown core -- whether just for occasional viewings or if the overall uptick in entertainment and nightlife options encourages an influx of more residents downtown.
The Garden will retain its name until at least 2045 (also suggests that Jacobs has no intention of replacing the arena in that period).

That will put the new Garden at 50 years old at the end of the deal. The old Garden was 67 when it closed, could we see the "new" place top that?

There's a lot to dislike about the Jacobs, but it's nice to see owners not immediately screaming for handouts for new arenas.