The Longfellow Hotel | 754 Congress Street | Portland


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Jun 20, 2006
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Proposed 4-story, 46-room boutique hotel on site of former gas station. Anticipated construction start date of April 2020.


Still love this. Cool little building appropriate for the area.
Thanks for taking the time to add all of these individual threads Max!
I submitted this to and it was approved recently. Let me know if the are any data issues with this.

I noticed recently that the convenience store (previously part of the gas station) on this site is now closed and boarded up. Does anyone have any insight into whether this project will be moving forward anytime soon?
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I guess this answers my question. The project is postponed. Here's to hoping it gets off the ground some day, I think it's a great design and would improve the neighborhood.

Looks like this project may be coming back to life. They've recently filed an amended site plan, although I don't see any new documents yet. I would guess the strong market for hotel rooms is encouraging them to revive their plans. I hope they stick close to the original proposal -- I thought it was a simple but appealing design.
Their minor site plan change, from 47 rooms to 48, was approved by staff, so hopefully plans for this hotel will start moving forward soon. I still like the design and think it will do a lot to help activate that end of Congress Street.
As an addendum to the recent HPB meeting they heard a request from the developers of this hotel for a couple minor design changes to help offset construction costs that have increased by 40% since they first proposed it in 2019. The board agreed to the changes and the developer said they hope to begin construction in the next month!
Unfortunately I don't see a construction mortgage in the land records, so maybe just environmental remediation for now?
Either early this week or end of last week I did notice a crane on site and a bunch of steel on the ground.
Yup, done by the fall (not summer). And if it's the same contractor as The Cambria Hotel/Covetrus buildings, then no earlier than summer of 2024.