The Railroad Before the Bikepath: The Lexington and West Cambridge Railroad



Arlington Historical Society President Speaks About "The Railroad Before the Bikepath"

On Tuesday, June 6th, Society President Dr. Stuart Brorson will
deliver a talk entitled "Before the Bike Path: The Lexington and West
Cambridge Railroad". His illustrated talk will show photographs and
documents outlining the history of the railroad from its incorporation
in 1845 until its demise at the end of the 1970s. Dr. Brorson will
present the colorful personalities involved in the railroad's early
days along with photos of steam engines and rolling stock, and maps
showing the railroad's right-of-way through the decades. This talk is
meant to be enjoyed by everybody -- from causal bike riders to
enthusiastic railroad buffs to Arlingtonians interested in the history
of their town.

Time and place:
7:00pm, Tuesday June 6th.
Smith Museum, 7 Jason St, Arlington, MA.

The lecture is free and open to the public, but seating is limited to
50 so reservations are required. Please make reservations at
Eventbrite link below, or by calling the Society offices, 781 648 4300.

This event is held in collaboration with the Minuteman Bikeway's 25th
Anniversary Committee. For more information about events celebrating
the Bikeway's 25 anniversary, visit
The bikeway is nice but I wish this was the Red Line.
Even a one track commuter rail starting at Alewife Station would be good. Maybe the NIMBYs could live with that.
The bikeway is nice but I wish this was the Red Line.

It could still be done. Because of the 'third rail' the red line cannot cross streets so it would need to be underground below the bike trail much like it is underground below the bike trail between Alewife and Davis Sq. however given there's not really any heavy structures above, construction should be easier than the Big Dig. Stations could be done similarly to the SouthWest Expressway in some regards. However Red Line is said to be at capacity starting at Alewife so either there will need to be another line (circumferentially to take some pressure off persons needing to head towards Boston to Commute or some other kind of solution.
The bike path (or a doubled-width bike path) would be a great right of way for the current generation of self-driving electric shuttles (operating at 10 mph...about as fast as a bike). Quiet. Low ROW costs, low operating costs. Most places they're being deployed, they mix with bike/ped traffic along waterfronts and other continuous-but-not-trafficked rights of way. They move slow enough that they can stop essentially when hailed/stopped at the gate to an abutter's back yard.

But they are also safe, all-weather, all-hours "last 3 miles" transportation.
Since when do nimby assholes have any right whatsoever to stop an existing rail right of way just because the line shuttered for a few years?

What kind of insanity supplants lawful transport row's and general common sense? Bring dmu's from Medfield and Lexington already.