Worst Empty Parcel Nominations

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Jan 22, 2012
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Nominate what you believe is the most detrimental vacant lot in the Boston area.
The corner turned into a parking lot at the Paul Rudolph’s Erich Lindemann Mental Health Center- 25 Stanford Street. Total disrespect of a landmark building. I often wonder if someone with political connections is making money off public land?

117 Kneeland at Albany.
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125 Nashua street parking. Right on top of one of the busiest train stations in the area is a huge mass of surface parking.
Cross Street Parking always kills me too

The "Constitution Center" office park and the Coast Guard lots too. Amazing locations just sitting there and never going to move.
Im going to say where 1000 Boylston was suppose to go. I cant stand walking down Boylston and everything abruptly stops and turns into a highway below grand. Just build Parcel 12 and Parcel 15 already!
I'll nominate parcels 14/15 pike air rights. Not only is the gaping hole in the ground a blight, so is the rear of the parking garage that is visible and the disaster that is the lack of cross walks and bad state of the sidewalks surrounding it.

The Constellation Center in Kendall, which was supposed to be a much needed arts venue for the last 15 years.
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