Boston Skyline Photos


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Apr 4, 2010
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From Fan Pier 8-7-2020 and 8-9-2020

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Pure urban greatness right there.

The Seaport Harbor Walk compares well to ANY great urban space anywhere in the world. What a masterpiece!

I realize this is a "skyline" thread and that there are many here who focus on building height, etc., but to me, the best parts of Boston are the pedestrian vistas - - there is this Harbor Walk and then there is that great boardwalk area at Lovejoy Wharf across from North Station and many others (Esplanade on both sides of the Charles and the Greenway come to mind). Boston is absolutely separating itself from many other cities when it comes to these spectacular on-foot vistas.

Hell, Houston has a great "skyline". Does it have THIS??????

Someone in the city planning department has taken the old bromide "Boston is a Walking City" to heart and has run with it (pardon the pun). My compliments!
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