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Jan 22, 2012
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From the State Street Tower thread:
blackbird said:
I feel like this building is facing the wrong way.

I know it needs to open up onto the street, but I wish the "interesting" part was facing the river rather than the harbor from a purely aesthetic standpoint.
I was just thinking about this the other day. Not that its facing the wrong way but how Boston is oriented different than most other cities on a river. Boston is oriented towards the harbor, where most other cities on rivers are oriented towards the river. I was wondering what Boston would have looked like had they instead oriented it toward the charles. Would it be much different? Maybe, maybe not.... but probably yes. I imagine that instead of Boylston, Newbury, Stuart st etc running the long way towards downtown instead theyd run towards the Charles. With the same geography the city could have been much different.
I think that Boston has distinct skylines. Back Bay's does face the river and doesn't really visually fit in with the Shawmut Peninsula skyline which faces the Harbor.