Dorchester Infill and Small Developments


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May 25, 2006
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A couple important things have been in the news. The "Greenway Connector" route has been chosen and though I am disappointed it doesn't include a boardwalk but it is actually a good thing.

In other news Gov. Baker has put his support behind an important effort to get the Lower Neponset River listed as a superfund site by the EPA. The river and its banks between Mattapan and the ocean is heavily contaminated with PCBs. Large quantities of these pollutants have built up behind the two dams on this stretch making their removal impossible. They can't just be torn down or they would contaminate the marshes at the mouth of the estuary. Beyond the need to physically protect the public from pollution this is also about the overall health of the harbor as an ecosystem and in the big picture climate resiliency.

Also, has anyone heard anything about the walking trail behind the houses over the subway from Shawmut toward Fields Corner? I haven't seen anything since covid.