Dover, NH Development thread

Some updates from 8/26 when I visited. These are all new residential developments within a few blocks of each other. Downtown was actually lively for a Wednesday afternoon, which isn’t shown in these pictures.

In order:
Rivers Mark, Orpheum, Foster’s Place, 10 Fourth Street, 15 Third Street
Exciting news for the long discussed waterfront project in Fosters recently. Article states that full site plan submission is expected by summer and includes mixed use, residential, and park space. Cathartes is the same developer that did the Orpheum Apartments last year.

Dover Waterfront Project

My only issue with this new concept is that its now one of many numerous iterations for this site. I am excited for the potential of this aread being developed, but its been decades....and every 6 months or so there is a new change, delay, revision....I will believe it when there are trucks on site and foundations being dug. :)
Just build it already.
My only issue with this new concept is that its now one of many numerous iterations for this site. I am excited for the potential of this aread being developed, but its been decades....and every 6 months or so there is a new change, delay, revision....I will believe it when there are trucks on site and foundations being dug. :)
Just build it already.
I agree, it's just a bunch of dirt and rocks and has been like that for what seems like forever. But the developer has a good track record and the demand seems to be there.
It is great to see that even with the current pandemic demand is strong in Dover, with a bunch of new development still planned for this year. I am excited to see what comes from the old state liquor store site near Second St. If we get something along the lines of the new Orpheum development, I'd be very happy.
Approved, and renovating the existing courthouse as well. The First St addition is very exciting. What a change in First St over the past few years.

Article is behind a paywall but summarizes developments approved or under review in Dover.

1) Waterfront development consisting of 5 buildings (410 units) that is expected to break ground later this year.
2) A 3.5 acre waterfront park adjacent to the above waterfront development.
3) Chestnut Street apartments (173 units).
4) McIntosh Commons development, replacing McIntosh College with 4 buildings (156 units).
5) Redevelopment of the old Strafford County Courthouse (58 units).
6) Knox Marsh with 12 single family and 52 multi-family homes.
7) Four story (24 unit) residential building on Broadway.

Rest of the article talks about housing affordability and the homeless.
Planning board unanimously approved the redevelopment of 47 Chestnut Street that once housed a liquor and dollar store. I wish they had kept the 6th floor and reduced parking but it looks like a quality project that's adjacent to the train station and provides nice infill.

Asia Restaurant may close in Dover after 52 years. Here's what could replace it
DOVER — A five-story building with 58 apartments may be the latest large housing and mixed use development coming to the city's downtown.
Wooden Ruler Realty LLC is proposing to construct a 103,000-square-foot mixed-use building at 42-44 Third St., replacing the building that houses Asia Chinese Restaurant.
The property is currently owned by a trust within the family that owns the restaurant. A sale of the building to the developer is pending. The restaurant opened in 1970 and continues to operate as a family business.
Ana Chung, one of the restaurant owners, said that they do not have a firm closing date yet, but after five decades in business they are looking to "exit gracefully."
"After 52 years, we decided time was up but it's a bittersweet decision," Chung said.
A developer is proposing to construct a 103,000-square- foot mixed-use building on Third Street, replacing Asia Restaurant. It would have commercial space on the first floor, with 58 residential units above it. This is the view as seen from Third Street.

If the development gets the city's approval, the existing building would be torn down to make a clean slate for the new building. The development plans call for commercial space on the first floor and four floors of residential units above it. The residential units would be a mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom rental apartments, according to city documents.
The existing restaurant, parking spaces and two apartments above, are proposed to be removed for the development. The property is made of two parcels of land which front on both Third and Second Street. The building will be adjacent to Ross Furniture and Clearly Cleaners.

A developer is proposing to construct a 103,000 square- foot mixed-use building on Third St. It will have commercial on the first floor, with 58 residential units above it. This is the view as seen from Second St.

The project will undergo its first site review Thursday by the city’s Technical Review Committee. If it gains approval from TRC in the coming months, it will move on to the Planning Board.
Donna Benton, the city's director of planning and community development said that the plans are in the preliminary stages, and may change as it goes through the planning process.
Dover housing, restaurant project on Chestnut St. OK'd

Redgate Real Estate plans to build a mixed-used development with apartments, townhomes and commercial space at 47 Chestnut St. in Dover.

DOVER — The latest development coming to downtown will feature 173 units of housing, a restaurant and co-working space on Chestnut Street.
The first floor of the five-floor, 44,977-square-foot building will be used for parking and commercial space, with the restaurant facing the street.
A mix of different sized market-rate apartments start on the second floor, with roughly 62% of the units in the development slated as one-bedroom apartments and studios. Nine units are two-story townhomes.
The project at 47 Chestnut St. gained unanimous approval from the Planning Board Tuesday and was largely cheered, though a local housing leader spoke up about a lack of affordable units.
Donna Benton, the city's director of planning and community development, said the city has anticipated a redevelopment of the 47 Chestnut St. site, where a Family Dollar Store was formerly located, for some time.

“Seeing this vacant site being redeveloped and re-activated will be great for the downtown, constructing a new building closer to the street, providing the right-of-way improvements and public overlook are all benefits," Benton said. "The project team has put much thought into the design and amenity space including providing all required parking on-site.”

Redgate Real Estate plans to build a mixed-used development with apartments, townhomes and commercial space at 47 Chestnut St.

More details of Chestnut Street development
The developer, Redgate Real Estate Advisors LLC, has planned amenities to include green roof space and common areas like a fitness center, fenced-in private dog park, patio decks, sitting areas, a private courtyard and 192 on-site parking spaces.
F.X. Bruton, project attorney representative for Redgate, said the project will "bring life to the frontage of Chestnut Street" and the area overall. "It's an exciting project for us, and I think it's an exciting project for the staff and the city," Bruton told the Planning Board Tuesday night.
Redgate Real Estate plans to build a mixed-used development with apartments, townhomes and commercial space at 47 Chestnut St.

Bruton said that in its current state the existing development that was formerly just commercial retail is "not consistent with the character" of what Dover is looking for in that corridor. Due to its proximity to the Dover Transportation Center, the city expected the developer to reimagine the area as a more walkable and livable area.

The developer added a co-work space and expanded on recreational areas to include a media theater, indoor bike storage, and firepits. While most of the development's amenities are reserved for residents, there will be a public lookout installed at the edge of the development overlooking the Cocheco River.
Bruton said green space was an important aspect to the development, especially in respect to the proximity to the river. He said it would have been easy to fill that space up and make the property a much larger apartment complex, but the project itself was intended to "foster further development in the area" through the addition of commercial and co-work space.
There is no new connection to the Dover Community Trail planned, but Bruxton said developers intend for the area to be well-lighted to enhance safety at the nearby entrance.
Redgate Real Estate plans to build a mixed-used development with apartments, townhomes and commercial space at 47 Chestnut St.
$6.6M project: Big development for old Dover courthouse approved. A look at final designs.
DOVER — The site plan to transform the former Strafford County courthouse into housing and commercial space was unanimously given a greenlight by the city Planning Board this week.
Developer Eric Chinburg's company is planning to redevelop the 1889 building on Second Street to include commercial space, a lobby, and 17 apartments. Chinburg Properties will also construct a new four-story building to house roughly 40 apartments. Twenty percent of the units will be rented at HUD rates of 80% of the median income for a period of 21 years, according to the approved agreement.
Paul Goodwin, a senior project manager with Chinburg Properties, said the project is the latest in a string of downtown Dover investments over two decades. He said Chinburg Properties' portfolio has more than 450 apartments and 350,000 square feet of commercial space home to approximately 200 businesses in the downtown, and this project will add to that.
The façade of the new building slated to be built adjoining to the old Strafford County Courthouse.

"Like all of our prior investments, this project centers on a beautiful historic building worth saving," Goodwin said. "The project before you tonight reflects our efforts, working closely with staff to save and revitalize this building and will provide much needed market rate and affordable housing. The project will feature the adaptive reuse of the courthouse and construction of a new building connected to it."
According to the site plan documents, the estimated cost to renovate and rehabilitate the existing facility and build the adjoining four-story structure with a basement parking complex is around $6.6 million.
New renderings show what the site of the former Strafford County Courthouse will look like when complete. It received unanimous site plan approval on Aug. 24.

Restaurant could be part of development. Here's what's in final design.
The developer intends to leave the commercial space as versatile as possible, which includes setting up connections for the possibility of a 50-seat restaurant. Chinburg's team said that while they don't have any final agreements to fill the commercial space yet, a restaurant is an ideal tenant.
'Give us a chance':New owners seek new life for Somersworth train station depot
A rooftop deck on the new building, and an outdoor courtyard located in the area between the new building and the south side of the existing building, also made it into the final design. In the landscape plans, the developer is also looking at having a public art statue off of Second Street.
This rendering shows what the buildings will look like from the east side.

The building will have an elevator servicing all floors, and the basement of the building will have indoor parking for 19 cars, along with interior trash storage. Additional permit parking will be available for tenants at the Dover Transportation Center lot nearby.
Assistant City Manager Christopher Parker has previously said that there has been a lot of interest in preserving the historic façade of the old courthouse, which is currently vacant, and repurposing the building will be a big benefit to Dover.
This rendering shows what the buildings will look like from the west side.

Green features with historic character
"The goal is to maintain the historic character and flavor of the building," Parker said, noting that the City Council had previously authorized the development agreement with the applicant, requiring that the new building blend in with the courthouse. "They've added brick accents trying to mimic the lentils, and they've also tried to play off of some of the existing architecture along First and Second Street to try to blend the building in that regard."

Another big aspect to the project is energy efficiency. Parker said it's going to be one of the first projects that incorporates solar-ready and green roof technology required by an amended city ordinance that passed in 2019. He said that the developer didn't shy away from that commitment, and instead embraced it. In total, 62% of the roof will be have green features to increase resiliency and minimize energy needs.
New renderings show what the site of the former Strafford County Courthouse will look like when complete. It received unanimous site plan approval on Aug. 24.
'Dream a reality': Dover waterfront development approved with housing, eateries, park, more

Cathartes' vision for its Cochecho waterfront development is set to become reality now, following final approvals.

DOVER — Two development projects that will reshape the city's Cochecho River waterfront are on track to break ground within the next year.
The decades-long dream of Dover leaders to transform the 29-acre riverfront by redeveloping city-owned land on River Street is poised to happen after the projects gained site plan and permit approvals Tuesday night from the city's Planning Board.
A waterfront mixed-use development featuring hundreds of housing units, as well as an adjacent city waterfront park, now have the green light for construction.
The developer, Cathartes, has plans for five buildings featuring a total of 410 residential units — a combination of townhouses and condos, some for sale and some for rent. Also planned is 28,000 square feet of commercial space, likely to include restaurants, retail space and offices. Separately but in coordination, the city will develop a waterfront park.
A rendering of the reimagined Dover waterfront.

Rob Simmons, who is Cathartes' project manager, said the collaborative effort between the developers and city has created a “wonderful place for people to gather and enjoy the beauty of the river and surrounding area.”
“Tonight’s approval is a significant milestone for the project,” Simmons said. “We have worked with so many great city departments and Dover community groups over the last three years to make this long-envisioned city dream a reality.”
Cathartes' vision for its Cochecho waterfront development is coming to life through newly released renderings.

Dana Lynch, chair of the city's Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee, hailed the park and development as the “city’s soon-to-be crown jewel: the Cochecho waterftont."
“I am thrilled that we have reached this huge milestone,” Lynch said. “I am thankful to all the people who have participated in the committee, to everyone who has given so much of their time to bring this vision to life.”

Lynch said more than 30 years of work and community input curated the polished vision that went before the Planning Board Tuesday.
“This project has a lengthy history, but it wouldn’t be where it is today without the extensive amount of public input and community involvement,” Lynch said. “This has been a community-driven project all along, and that is what makes it unique.”
Cathartes' waterfront development in Dover will feature more than 400 units of housing, including condos and townhomes.

Jack Mettee, an advisory committee member and former chair, spoke during public comment hailing this as a “truly historic moment for the city of Dover.”
Mettee recalled that over 30 years, there were a lot of naysayers, people who thought the city should just sell the entire property to a private developer or turn it into a large park. He said that many have doubted if this project would ever get to this point.

“This can put Dover on the map with what could be the best park in the Seacoast, if not the state,” Mettee said. “Not many projects of this size, complexity can come to fruition after so many years of public dialogue. I can assure you after 50 years of being a professional planner, this doesn't happen very often.”
The Cochecho Waterfront Advisory Committee was appointed in April 2004 to oversee the future of the waterfront. The vision for the waterfront has changed over time. There have been developers that have backed out, and there have been difficult economic times as Dover continued to grow and change.

Cathartes and the city’s waterfront park had previously received the conditional endorsement of the city's Technical Review Committee and the Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee.
What $1 million or $100,000 will buy:Strafford County home sales market shifting?
Simmons said the development will add more diversified housing amid a critical housing shortage on the Seacoast, offering design elements that enhance Dover overall. He noted it will improve public access to the waterfront, add new commercial opportunities, create new open-space areas to gather, and display public murals and other forms of art.
The city’s waterfront park
While the waterfront park is separate from the mixed use development, Cathartes has spent a lot of time with the city's waterfront development committee to ensure both projects complement one another in design and access.
Expanded and guaranteed waterfront access to the Dover community at-large and key features like a pavilion area have been huge drivers of the project, with the ultimate vision of the park serving as a connector between some of Dover’s largest parks and recreation areas.
Plans for the city's public park include a scenic overlook of the river, walking paths, granite steps to the water’s edge, a non-motorized boat launch, public boat docks, a concession stand, restrooms, picnic areas and a storage area.
Presentations of the refined vision were given to the Planning Board Tuesday night. The park is viewed as having the potential to be a community hub, with plans in place for food truck parking for events or possibly on a more regular schedule for lunch. The city expects the open accessibility of the park to draw in folks for recreational purposes and events in the summertime.
“This park is something that can benefit the entire community, serving as an asset that the community can share and becoming a place where events can take place,” Lynch said. “The possibilities at this point are limitless, but really this vision at the end of the day was created by the citizens of Dover.”
What happens next?
Cathartes' vision for its Cochecho waterfront development.

Simmons said with both projects approved, once the city finishes its offsite improvement work, like adding roads, Cathartes can begin construction on its first phase in 2023.
“A special thanks to the CWDAC Committee for shepherding this project along,” Simmons said. “Our work began three years ago, theirs began over two decades ago. We couldn’t be happier with the process that has brought us to this point and look forward to being a big part of the Dover community for decades to come.”

Lynch said city leaders hope the park will break ground this year before winter, allowing the city to build roads and set up necessary infrastructure to prepare the area for Cathartes to start its work next year. The city can now pursue a bidding process for public improvements, award the project to a contractor, and get shovels in the ground. The city has to excavate any kind of materials that are undesirable under the ground, like some of the old remnants of an old sewage treatment plant that need to be removed. Then preparations for paving a road, running utility lines and shoreline revitalization work can begin. The work of adding sidewalks and starting to build park facilities will happen later, Lynch said.
Thanks for the updates, Cojapo! I'm definitely for more housing and mixed used development in the downtown core. Imagine all four projects commence simultaneously...
Amazing news for Dover! Lived there all of my life until recently, great to see the downtown expanding and developing.
Very nice! I have this page book marked. I had no idea about the height!
Researching building data is a hobby of mine. Most of the height data in this region are from my contributions to Emporis. If you're interested in some of the raw data, let me know.
725 Central Ave.
A rendering of proposed future apartments at 725 Central Avenue & 4 Brick Road.

Dover Coast LLC, is proposing to build a three-story residential building at 725 Central Ave. and 4 Brick Road.

The project will redevelop existing lots and construct a new apartment building with a basement level. The proposed building will house 15 units, with 14 two-bedroom units and one one-bedroom unit. The unit sizes will vary, but will all be over 1,000 square feet.

A rendering of proposed future apartments at 725 Central Avenue,  4 and 10 Brick Road.

The project received unanimous Planning Board approvals.

A rendering of proposed future apartments at 725 Central Avenue,  4 and 10 Brick Road.
Homes at 36 and 38 New Rochester Road
Knox Marsh Development LLC has plans to build six single-family condominium homes on New Rochester Road in Dover.

Baldwin and Paolini will build six single-family condominium homes, conjoining the 36 and 38 New Rochester Road properties.

The new construction will be behind the existing single-family homes for a total of eight units across a narrow 1.57-acre property.

The houses are expected to be two stories, each around 1,400 square feet in size. They will be developed under their Knox Marsh Development LLC name.

Knox Marsh Development LLC has plans to build  six single-family condominium homes on New Rochester Road in Dover.

“The New Rochester Road project will be a nice, smaller neighborhood,” Baldwin said. “It will be the perfect entry-level home for people in size and price point.”

The developer would construct a private roadway off New Rochester Road in order to access the single-family homes, which will be known as Copper Drive.

Knox Marsh Development LLC has plans to build  six single-family condominium homes on New Rochester Road in Dover.

Baldwin said that the zoning allowed for more density, like duplexes or a mixed-use building, but they opted to choose quality over quantity.

“We looked at the existing neighborhood and it just didn’t make any sense to go that route,” Baldwin said. “Sometimes you have to take two steps back and say, what would actually look nice in this neighborhood? What does Dover need? This would offer a few starter homes in Dover, close to the highway, which is a rarity in itself.”

Knox Marsh Development LLC has plans to build  six single-family condominium homes on New Rochester Road in Dover.

Baldwin expects construction on the homes to begin in early 2023, with the first home being completed by summer 2023.

Knox Marsh Development LLC has several other projects. The company plans to build 13 single family homes and four 4-unit buildings beside an existing duplex on Bellamy Road, totaling 31 units. The developer also has plans for a townhouse-style duplex and a four-unit building at 757 Central Ave. on the corner of Abbey Sawyer Memorial Drive, which leads to Garrison Hill Park.
Several notable projects (Chestnut St. apartments, River St. apartments, courthouse rehab and new construction, 725 Central Ave, apartments at the current site of Asia Chinese Restaurant at 42 3rd St.) have been proposed since 1/2021 and are described in this thread. The forecast today indicated it would be 10 degrees warmer in Dover than where I live so I took the Downeaster and made an afternoon of checking in on progress at each site (and lunch at Little Lebanon to Go which I recommend if you’re in the area).

Included in this post are photos of the courthouse project described in post #31 above. There was no visible progress at any of the other sites