Dover, NH Development thread

Dover breaks ground on Cochecho River redevelopment: What to expect and when it's coming


“DOVER — A decades-in-the-making redevelopment of the city's waterfront — now set to start in a matter of days — was celebrated by current and former project leaders Tuesday alongside a gleaming Cochecho River.
With funding and approvals in place, after years of efforts from countless Dover officials, the city will soon embark on its portion of the large-scale project — a public park.

The milestone was marked in the River Street lot where Cathartes, a Boston-based development company, will build a large-scale mixed-use development with hundreds of housing units plus eateries, offices and more. Dozens of past and present waterfront leaders, mayors, City Council members, volunteers, city staff and community members attended the city’s official groundbreaking for the project.”
Fantastic drone shots! The old courthouse infill will a great addition to downtown; I wish the parking lot next to TD Bank would be next.
Dover is such a great city. Great pics. The Courthouse redevelopment and the new 2nd St building are moving along nicely. I am blown away at the changes to this area of downtown over the past 5-10 years, with more to come.
Fantastic drone shots! The old courthouse infill will a great addition to downtown; I wish the parking lot next to TD Bank would be next.
Me to. I have thought this for years. Its such a prominent location begging for mixed use. Having that developed would make for an awesome street wall coming into that part of Central Ave. One day hopefully.

Had to make an account to post an update on the courthouse project. Really stoked about this one. I do wonder if Dover has design standards that require the brick and vinyl combination, or if it's just that Chinburg knows that it's more likely to get approved that way. Either way, the area is developing its own vernacular which is cool.
I think this area of Dover, and this street in particular, has changed so much in the past 5-10 years, and for the better. I cannot wait to see this completed, as well as the redevelopment of the Family Dollar lot on Chestnut across from this.
Couldn’t grab photos, but drove through downtown this evening. The riverfront project has made lots of progress, currently clearing the site and close to paving I believe. The old courthouse project on 1st street looks close to completion, and the apartments on central ave near wentworth Douglas are making good progress. Framing is up, almost ready for siding. There are also condos popping up behind it as well. Will see if I can grab some photos this weekend.