Eli Lilly IGM | 15 Necco Street | Fort Point

Somehow I hadn't noticed until now that this guy is designed to be the massively bulky and top-heavy Incredible Hulk alter ego of the ICA's slender and airy Bruce Banner.

And we've got masonry going in. This really accentuates the "base" section that will blend in with the surrounding brick warehouses, with the modern glass and steel upper portion. Note the vertical windows in the brick section copying the windows on the adjacent warehouses.

We got Mahty in the Cabinet; he can't make some calls? If I were Mayor turned Secretary of Labor, I'd maybe pick this up as a little pet project....

Seems like a sale of that parcel(s) would be a nice solution to offset that massive overrun and chip at the compounding debt the USPS rocks annually. It may come down to a fiduciary obligation should it ultimately be presented forward.

Further, I would assume the taxes*** paid by the current tenant*** are quite broken comparable to that of the potential development prospects :) Presumably, therefore, it is certainly in the city's fiscal interest as well.
Hmmm... will have to wait and see, but so far, this gives off impressions of when mismatched-looking additions are added on top of existing facades, creating something that looks like a tumor.
Example: 100 Shawmut Ave in Boston

Interesting choice and thanks for the detail. It will go really nice among the warehouses. Once the Channel Side development is done there will be a really nice continuum on the waterfront