Eli Lilly IGM | 15 Necco Street | Fort Point

I have to admit this came out better than expected. Its a pretty unconventional shape, but I think it works. Itll look even better once its neighbors next door fill in.
Its sort of giving Amsterdam waterfront along the Ij.

Edit: this got me thinking, and talk about train station goals though. Amsterdam Centraal makes South Station look, well they are hardly comparable in terms of service but still. Honestly, not a bad idea to think about WWDD, what would Dutchies do?
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The Globe has a story on Lilly today which talks about the company's expansion plans in the new building. On a related note, I had no idea Lilly was now the largest pharma company by market cap ($575b!)

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I have no idea why this works so well, but it does. It has a lot of parts that would make a lackluster tower… floating tower above a base, lots of angles, random cut outs in the facade, massive mech screen. Usually all of that in a mid rise would equal out to a try hard building that does a lot of things but none of them well. Somehow it all came together to create a really cool looking building that should set the tone for the redevelopment of the fort point channel going forward.