Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay


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Aug 14, 2006
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That's kind of my point though, you get all the services of a 5 star hotel (maid service, room service, Concierge, Butlers, pool, spa, etc.) without having to deal with the transient nature of a hotel (strangers next to you on a treadmill, people you've never seen before in the pool with your kids, etc.). Maybe it's just me but that seems much more preferable... and why a lot of these ultra luxury brands are going in that direction now.
Vivanna -- Not to belabor the point -- But.
In the One Dalton you get the best of both possible worlds.

You have the Four Seasons below with its kitchen and room service. You also have your own private elevator shared only with your fellow owners and some special amenities only for the owners. Finally for the Ubers in the Penthouse Levels the private thing is on steroids -- you only rub shoulders with other penthouse peoples from the ground up to your doorway [note that there are no hallways just lobbies on each floor for each of the elevators so that you will only share a lobby with one other residence or have a lobby to your self depending on the floor and how much you have paid for your place]

I don't think that either Raffles or St. Regis can compete one on one with that and the potential uber 360 view


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Jun 26, 2015
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Another update: the main sidewalk is taking forever to come along because they've now cleared all of the extra junk out of there -- and are in the process of tearing up the concrete foundation that had to be installed to support the hoist.

Then, heated sidewalks will be installed as well (similar to the hotel and residential sides where they did the same thing).

In terms of glass, there should be more going in today with the warmer temperatures. About 4 panels of glass are waiting outside the building and maybe 8 or so plywood panels remain.