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F-Line to Dudley

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Nov 2, 2010
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Does anyone know what the project underlying the lane shift on Rt 2 from about Lake St to Alewife is? The lane shift is rather abrupt and I've seen a lot of people get caught out by it.
Drove through here on Sat. They're reconstructing the median from Lake St. to the Minuteman bridge and putting in fresh-install jersey barrier. Lighting project seems to be stopping at the Cambridge line with no signs of any replacement of the (mostly broken or missing) fixtures next to Vox.

As for the main lighting project...substantially complete now Lexington line to Cambridge line excepting a few missing poles. And even more garishly overbuilt than before. Must suck to have a house with bedrooms facing the frontage roads now. Oddly there's about a quarter-mile of median-running high-mast fixtures starting before the Winter St. exit, but then it switches to side fixtures the rest of the way. Consolidating it all in the center median except for the exit ramps would've been a lot cheaper and more efficient since they ended up completely wholesale re-trenching the side conduits and re-pouring the side concrete mounts twice over. Not to mention probably less obtrusive to the surrounding residential areas if mounted in the center instead of towering over the frontage roads. The I.D.G.A.F. vibe is very strong with this project.