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Should hall of fame nominees be at least 15 years old to qualify?

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Jan 22, 2012
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Members are encouraged to nominate an existing building, park, or other piece of infrastructure in the Boston area that they believe makes a positive and integral contribution to the built or urban environment. Nominate features that you believe deserve special recognition and possess attributes worthy of emulation in future projects.

There will be three new inductees in 2019.
Can someone dig up the old winners so we don't renominate them?
Previous Inductees


Post Office Square
Old State House
Public Garden

Ames Building
Faneuil Hall Marketplace
The Last Tenement

South Station
Boston Public Library (McKim Building)
Trinity Church

Design Research Building
Custom House
Comm. Ave. Mall

New John Hancock
Christian Science Center
Rowes Wharf
Prudential Tower, Landmark Building (Federal Street with gold top), John W. McCormack Post Office and Courthouse.
The Big Dig (expanding from the RKG)
Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant
Cambridge Center
Millennium Tower and the Burnham Building
Gardner Museum
The Esplanade/Hatch Shell
Longfellow Bridge
Bringing back some perennials from the past version of these awards:

1) THE WINTHROP BUILDING!!!!!! - best building in Boston hands down and always looked over. the elegant curve, the beautiful color combination, the way it perfectly fits its site contextually.

2) Harvard Square Station - one of the most beautiful stations in the system, the large spaces, the curving lines, the handicapped accessibility, the public art. This was the gem of the red line extension and still is.

3)New State House - Quite possibly the most iconic Boston building. Bulfinch's finest building, the gold dome alone should have gotten it on this list in the past not to mention it's interiors and the Sacred Cod that hangs inside.

4) The Blackstone Block - quintessential old Boston architecture. the cluttered block shows a city that was and the fine grained building ask to be studied up close whenever you talk by.
When it comes to "an existing building, park, or other piece of infrastructure in the Boston area that they believe makes a positive and integral contribution to the built or urban environment," the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is a contender on all fronts. It not only continues to evolve year-after-year with its expanding calendar of events and maturing tree canopy, but also succeeds at reconnecting the whole of Greater Boston with its Waterfront.

I'd like to nominate the Emerald Necklace as well... I think it's critical to highlight the significance of our parks as positive and integral contributors to our build or urban environment, and the Emerald Necklace is noteworthy among major cities for the precedents it set, the non-vehicular transportation connectivity it promotes, its public health benefits, the cultural richness it lends (arboretums, memorials, museums, etc.), and the communal gathering it facilitates.

I also echo others' nominations of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the Northeastern University Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex.
RE: Kennedy green way. When we used to do these awards there was an unwritten/ kinda written rule of no nominations less than 15 years old if I remember correctly.... if that is still happening this time around the greenway would be too new...
I'm cool with instituting that rule for the Halls of Fame and Shame.
Bunker Hill Monument, Zakim Bridge, Fan Pier Park, Charles River Esplanade, JFK Museum, Old State House, Old Corner Bookstore, Old South Church.
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MIT Media Lab (w/ Expansion)
Northpoint Park in Cambridge
The Arnold Arboretum
As more people are nominating projects newer than 15 years, we need to settle on the qualification criteria. Please answer the poll at the top of the page to help us gauge whether the community wants this restriction or not.

The poll will close in 7 days.
All, this thread has been unlocked to continue the 15 year poll. The poll will be open until June 7. Please vote if you haven't.

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