Infill and Small Developments | Portland

Is this right next to that modern looking green and white building that you see right before Maine Med driving on Congress St?

It's this empty lot here (I believe the aforementioned green building in the background):

It seems like this building exemplifies what affordable housing projects can achieve. It's attractive, fits in the neighborhood, great use of an infill space, etc... I do hope there will be some planters or some other feature to cover most of that concrete base abutting the sidewalk.
Not crazy about the addition, it's lacks symmetry when viewed from Franklin Street and looks too much like an add on. Maybe if the fifth floor was better integrated with the original top floor as viewed from Commercial Street I'd give it a passing grade. Will be interesting to see the Historic Preservation Board's thoughts on this.
Agree Portlander, the addition is not good. The current "architectural" obsession with multiple different (cheap) sidings on buildings has to stop in and around the Old Port. Lots of people complain about the tourism, but it exists for a reason - people like the look and vibe of the Old Port. When our friends visit, they say "I love all the brick buildings!", never have we heard "That cheap metal or plastic siding in 3 different colors - whatever it is, I love it!". I get "massing", but these buildings are not that big, and they are stunningly beautiful, and timeless. People will look back in 20 years and say "That architecture didn't age well." No one says that about a brick and granite building, as long as there was some effort on style. How about just facing the addition with reclaimed brick?

Very creative and I like it. Even if the design team kept the metal or plastic siding on the rear and side of the structure at least the historic integrity would be maintained on the Commercial Street facade which is most important from a visual standpoint. (y)
Good luck with this one. I worked in that building for years. The structure really is not set up for a hotel.
I remember everyone having to shake the wood bits out of their keyboards every morning, because they had fallen down from the original floorboards / ceiling above. I was actually on the IT team helping to get it ready when we moved from Pearl St.
A couple of shots of the Morrill's Corner McDonalds refresh, one from September, the other today. No one cares but me, but it's opening Friday.

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That PPH opinion piece is so relevant here! "In a sentence, my concern is that Portland is fast losing its historic, charming character, as the boxy “Lego block” buildings rise up, one after another, throughout the Old Port area and elsewhere."

Won't someone think of our history!