Please stop.

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Mar 13, 2020
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Absolutely not. I'm very liberal with handing out likes in general. However, I also happen to post as much (photo) content here as anybody else on the site (except maybe Beeline). If, after time, there is not one iota of reciprocation towards any of my posts, I notice that. Why wouldn't I notice that?

To be blunt, if I were to keep handing out likes to somebody who gives me 0 in return on 10x the content, then it makes me feel like some kind of cuck. If you are going to be stingy and never acknowledge people's efforts, then eventually you shouldn't expect them to acknowledge yours either. I'm also not saying it has to be the same percentage or even anywhere near the same percentage, but I definitely take note of those goose eggs and ultimately choose to give those posters the same treatment that they have given me.
Oh, man.
(and I respond at risk of personal peril)
A few words of advice: We accomplish a lot more in life by not caring who takes credit. I feel confident saying it would not even occur to most here that anyone was withholding holding likes or would want to. It's not even worth bringing up. It doesn't register. It's not currency. It's not a vote. It's a few pixels in void of diversion.
Clear the imaginary ledger and remove any sense the Comment-iverse tends toward ANY sort of justice or balance. Purge the Seeking Vindication tracks from your playlist. You, like me and many in this world will often not be recognized or seen... and that's really okay! In fact, it's awesome! None of us are that important! Revel in it! We will all go unrewarded. Expect it.
I can say this: If you exhibit pain, you will collect pain from its' immediate reflection.
And cuck? If I were you I'd retire that word yesterday. It comes with steamer trunks of ugly, emotionally wrought baggage and is a flare gun level signal to many people to keep a safe distance.
All the best, man. I really hope you're okay.
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