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Brad Plaid

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Jan 17, 2013
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Re: Simmons University Living and Learning Center | 300 Fenway | Longwood

The nature of the college experience today is not a tangent to a thread about a college campus.


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May 25, 2006
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Re: Simmons University Living and Learning Center | 300 Fenway | Longwood

Maybe the idea of college has finally reached its natural limits. Outrageous cost and toxic ideological indoctrination have taken not just the shine off the experience but also the finish. Group think and hostility to free speech have no place in higher education, yet there they are on campuses all over the country metastasizing into something quite ugly. Administrators seem mostly unable or unwilling to implement correctives so they may unwittingly be fast-forwarding the extinction of what we know as college today into whatever it will evolve into tomorrow (likely downscaled and oriented more to the practicality of hard sciences and business). So be it.

Alternatively, emphasis on and respect for the military, trades, and manufacturing careers is long, long overdue. College is oversold today and not at all a suitable option for a large number of young people uninterested in its expanding downsides.
Not sure what you're talking about. The majority of students in universities are against hostile hate speech disguised as "free speech." For the few students who feel like they are "oppressed" on campus because the majority of students and faculty members are against their bigoted views, let's just say university are not having any problem sleeping at night about it.


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Dec 1, 2015
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[MOD EDIT: Preserving this as a reminder not to rant incoherently on message boards at 4am. ~G_A]

re; my (nominal) Tremont Crossing is DEAD update
one point five billion dollars in construction just vaporized.
The New World's obsession, and search for perfection is a mild form of intolerance & sociological totalitarianism.
The reason i put it in those terms is because people used to be more honest about their motives, exchange of ideas & communication.
That honesty has given way to overt dishonesty, and narcissism.
We risk becoming an over-moderated forum.
i posted a news flash about the cancellation of a $1.5B project.
It was no more necessary to remove it, than it was to post it.
For better or worse, i posted it as a service to our membership.
It is an INCREDIBLY important story in Boston development circles.
i may not have posted it in accordance with forum rules:
(a news flash implicit to be re-merged with the main thread at some point).
You'll probably never get your true motives; nor will i.
The post was perfectly excerpted and informative.
It was done in no way to disrespect or abuse the forum.
A bit of latitude will make you more human.
i sometimes wonder: is this is a Boston thing? including much (not all) of the whining (in advance) of the new owner having barely warmed his seat (truly nauseating).
Despite your likely view of your own perfection
that you can most surely back up in the design studio,
let it sink in: however long you've been at it,
you (still) might not be a perfect moderator.
You'll learn much in the future about dealing with people you don't happen to like--or you may not.
i find many mid-westerners to be insufferable bunch.
i can be a fair bit of an asshole myself.
in second place Florida.
3rd place: Boston (might beat out New York depending on what direction the wind is blowing that particular day).
Californians are (of course) incredibly nauseating, but in a totally different way.
i excerpted 1/4 of the story, with crucial information about why the BPDA has dumped the developer, as a service to those members feeling the squeeze of a pricey Globe subscription.
i don't think the Globe or its billionaire owner will mind.
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