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Color me surprised. Frontier updated their fall and winter schedules and it seems like PWM-MCO is getting quite a bit more metal. 4x weekly in October, 5x weekly in November and then daily from December through early January.

I wonder if they're trying to squash new the competition from those baby blue A220's....
Good news, how's the frequency to RDU?
Not great. It's dropped down to 2x weekly for the rest of August and ends September 4th. It will be interesting to see what the load factors for that route are, but dropping frequency in August isn't an encouraging sign.

I can't tell if any other PWM-Florida routes are returning for the Winter 23/24 season
Agreed on Avelo and Allegiant. I just thought it odd that Avelo ran 3 charters on the same day right before they announced new routes.
I noticed the same thing with Frontier. I thought they might be ready to throw in the towel at PWM and they loaded a bunch of Orlando frequencies, but many are late night departures.
Certainly seems to be a response to Breeze.
Still surprised Southwest wants to stay off of the PWM- MCO Orlando route in the winter other than some Saturday service here and there. I guess they are content to route folks through BWI,

Drop off duty today and the Jetport was absolutely bumping! Excluding the 2 minute drop off it took about 10 minutes to get through the terminal circle! Never seen it so busy during the lunchtime rush. The far right drop off lane was backed up all the way to where it starts on each end. Great sign.
I have an early morning flight tomorrow on Delta and there is only 4 available seats which will be swallowed up by a few lucky non rev travelers.
I landed at the Jetport Sunday afternoon and the concourses were swarming with people. Largely due to the ever-increasing domestic flight delays/cancelations, but even factoring in that variable: it was mobbed. I've never seen it that busy.
If anyone has connections to the Jetport higher ups or Paul Bradbury himself, I have many suggestions but a little one that I think would go a long way is building a permanent landscape of fake grass around the prop animals when you go down the escalators. They currently look like they are just stored there on the floor, if there were grass covering their large bases and surrounding them all with a half wall around the entire display it would look sooooo much better!
You would need to get in touch with the Arts Commission in Portland.
PWM's numbers for July are now posted and enplanements reached 275,515 for the month which is an all time record for the jetport! If counts continue to swing upward for the remainder of the year, Portland will surpass 2M for the third time and will be close to 2019's annual record of 2,180,154 passengers.
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What is going on with the Car Rental Area at the jetport?
We picked up a car there Wednesday (we often rent a car when making 1000+ mile trips) and it was as normal.
When we returned it yesterday, they had moved returns from lower level to first level, and it was an absolute mess.
To accommodate the busy summer season, they open the first floor to rentals. The garage was supposed to be expanded to have more room for the rentals. I have travelled to other airports, and the rental areas are much bigger in size than PWM and usuallly are on the first floor of a garage. I dont know if this is permanent or just for the summer rush,
Looking at the numbers over the past 6 six years excluding 2020.
Jan - July
2023 1,152,503.00
2022 1,055,667.00
2021 812,529.00
2019 1,191,305.00
2018 1,125,528.00
2023 is off 38K passengers compared to 2019 at this time.
Breeze entered the market at the end of May***
June 2023 240,408 vs June 2019 209,164 June 2022 209,334.00

To beat 2019 numbers, PWM will have to enplane and deplane Aug-Dec over 1,027,651 passengers .

Putting the busiest year side by side with the current one makes it easy to track visually. PWM's numbers for August will easily surpass 2019 enplanements and pre sale seats for September and October are also very promising. The airport needs an additional 38,303 enplanements between August and December over 2019 to break the all time annual record. (y)
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It seems that AA's seasonal PWM-DFW route is going daily from now through the end of October using an A320. This route has been Sunday-only for most of the summer and it's curious to see a big bump in capacity past the end of the typical busy season.

Maybe Texans / southerners just really love leaf-peeping in New England??
Good news and that should add an additional 6K enplanements to the mix. (y)
PWM's enplanements for August have been released: 279,971 compared to 251,375 during the record breaking year of 2019 for a gain of 28,596. The jetport now only needs an additional 9,708 enplanements between September and December to post the busiest year ever! Also, there will be a NEW service announcement on Wednesday which will boost Portland's numbers even more. ;)
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Any guesses on tomorrow's new service announcement for PWM?
New airline?! I’d guess Breeze to another Florida destination but new service sounds like new airline to me!