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Curious, if/when they expand the terminal west, is the intention to give American those new gates or will they be up for grabs?
I’d assume that if Breeze were to keep growing in Portland they would help invest in expanding the terminal west to take 2 gates at the end when it’s complete. Also know that Breeze has long term goals of going international through Portland so if they have the money, I could see them investing to help the terminal, customs, customer experience, etc. at the Jetport.
Other than the "vision" of extending the actual terminal in the master plan, there are no plans of actually making it happen in the near future. What PWM is doing is kind of a temporary fix by constructing a narrow elevated passenger concourse that will connect to the west end of the building and will support the two new jetways at Gates 12 & 13. My contention with this plan is that the current passenger holding area (by Linda Bean's) is already crowded during the morning push and when you add two more physical gates to the mix seating will be inadequate. My suggestion was to extend the upper portion of the concourse to match the existing lower footprint that is already in place. This would be relatively inexpensive and double the size of the seating area and would ease congestion until the entire terminal is hopefully extended to the west down the road. This photo shows the area that could be enlarged (orange ladder) by knocking out the glass and building on top of the roof of the bottom level.

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Just a refresher for the short term plan of adding two additional jetways that are connected to a long passenger transit bridge that isn't very wide. When completed, the airport will have a total of 12 serviceable jetways along with a regional jet boarding bridge with 2 gates (1A&B) which would allow the terminal to accommodate 14 aircraft at the same time.
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Flying out of the Jetport today, so busy..garage full, had to park in the pink lot. Got to the lot, almost full. They were running 3 shuttles. The driver mentioned that it was due to Breeze increasing flights and Sun Country...
I hate when they do that. They let me in recently because I had prepaid parking in the garage, and it was far from full.
Press coverage on the Jetports rising prices may have sparked them to add more service. American restarts service they dropped a couple years ago to and from LGA. That means JetBlue, Delta, and American will serve LGA from PWM. Delta has 5-6 flights to LGA a day from Portland and all sell out or have very few seats left.
Simple supply and demand lesson! The more demand the more supply you need to match the demand. More flight frequency and seats will bring prices down and increase passenger count even more attracting people to Portland instead of Boston. This is also a win win for the Jetport and the airline because both are increasing profit. I hope they keep making additions like this.
American has announced new service to LGA staring on June 5th on what appears to be CRJ 900 aircraft.
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They actually have 73 of them in service (American Eagle) and use them to PHL and DCA from Portland periodically especially during the off season. You are correct that the new service in June will be utilizing the E175 aircraft which has around the same number of seats as the CRJ900. I was actually hoping for mainline to LGA. :)
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They actually have 73 of them in service (American Eagle) and use them to PHL and DCA from Portland periodically especially during the off season. You are correct that the new service in June will be utilizing the E175 aircraft which has around the same number of seats as the CRJ900. I was actually hoping for mainline to LGA. :)
Brain fart! That was dumb😂
Shake it off. I was educated by others a while back on the range capabilities of the A220 when I was adamant that it couldn't consistently reach the west coast with Portland's 7200' runway. Collectively as a group we always seem to figure this stuff out. (y)
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This isn't really a "new" service. AA had previously operated PWM-LGA but handed that route off to JetBlue as part of the AA-JB "Northeast Alliance" which involved a fairly complicated sharing of slots at JFK and LaGuardia. JetBlue flew PWM-LGA twice daily for most of this summer instead of AA.

The Northeast Alliance partnership was struck down by a Federal Judge several months ago and now AA is essentially just going back to its pre-Northeast Alliance status quo.
Frontier's PWM-RDU service (the only route they operated from PWM for the summer season) was one of the lowest-performing routes on Frontier's network with an average Load Factor of between 60-70% in June and July. I wouldn't be surprised if they drop that route for Summer of '24.
Whether they replace it with something new or exit PWM entirely remains to be seen. Their winter Florida routes have done moderately well in the past (between 75-85% load factors) But part of me suspects the only reason they added so much lift to Orlando this winter was as a response to Breeze.
PWM is just a small piece of an airlines overall strategy and flooding a market like PWM with too many seats for the winter season would be worth the cost if it starves out the competition and helps protect their market share from an upstart competitor in a major market like Orlando.
Yes, twice daily on an E175, American doesn’t carry CRJ aircraft, would be cool to see that though haha!
Please no. The Embraer 175 is a vastly more comfortable jet than CRJ's. And yes the newish AA service to Portland will be 175's. My partner is crew on those flights.
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September enplanement numbers are out with a 25,768 gain over 2019's September counts. That now puts PWM's 2023 numbers ahead of it's record breaking 2019 by 16,060 enplanements with 3 months remaining.
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With plans to increase parking, 600 + spaces, basically the same plans the original owner had park and fly. Would that be a lot that would allow phase 3 of the garage expansion?
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Item #10 shows Phase 3 location of the garage expansion with #23 showing Phase 4 of the garage continuing westward in the distant future. As far as I know, the Park and Ride #3 acquisition eliminated parking competition and will eventually be surface parking prior to and during the construction of the garage which will limit the need for the Pink Lot except for the busiest months.
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I'm still eagerly awaiting an announcement re: Yellow #19, the FIS facility.