The view from the water will be great. Great in-fill project for Portsmouth. Lots of projects going on or proposed, this, Meadowbrook, Parade Mall and a new hotel and conference center near the Sheraton. Not bad for a city of 22K!
I just saw the Bow st Project on a planning board meeting archived at the city's website. It looks great, I think there's a total of 5 buildings, small foot prints- varying heights. The waterfront side will have resturants on the ground floor, the street level on Bow will have retail.

I'm really excited about this project now!
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On the subject of Portsmouth, I just noticed that Google Street View almost reaches Portsmouth. I hope they make it up that way again.
I can't find any renderings... someone have a link?

Its a video, sorry its all I got. There are two renderings shown front and back (street side/ water side.) Its about 10 minutes into the video. You should just be able to skip ahead- so you dont have to watch the first 10 minutes.
Here are some renderings of the Bow St. project from TMS architects




oooooooo Nicw very nice. You sir have searching skills because I couldnt find these guys.
On the subject of Portsmouth's population, it only has an area of 15.6 sq miles of land so it is the densest in the seacoast region and Rockingham county.
Pease moving on improvements, but without Skybus


Article Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) _ New Hampshire's Pease Development Authority plans to continue with at least some improvements at the Portsmouth Airport terminal even though Skybus, its main carrier, has flown away.

The low-cost airlines was flying a dozen a flights a day in and out of Portsmouth and looking at more. Without it, Portsmouth has no scheduled airlines, and serves military charters, corporate flights and about one international charter a month.

The Skybus business was one reason the authority planned to expand the airport.

Authority Director Dick Green says they may scale back the 3.9 million dollar expansion, but not abandon it. He says the proposal was never just about Skybus, and that the airport still needs to separate international and domestic customers coming through customs.
Furniture store building could come down in Portsmouth

Article Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2008
PORTSMOUTH ? Plans for the site of the current Kline's Furniture building are in the works as representatives recently announced the building would be demolished and replaced by two buildings to be used for both commercial and residential purposes.

The old furniture store was a topic at a recent Historic District Commission work session focused on the property located at 51 Islington St.

Somma architect Jennifer Ramsey represented property owner Baer Real Estate LLC and presented the 51 Islington St. property plan to the committee.

Pending the necessary approvals, the plan calls for the building to be razed and replaced by two buildings.

HDC Vice Chair Richard Katz said on Thursday the project's scope was entirely appropriate, and he was comfortable with the size and overall concept of the design.

"The scale is appropriate for that location," said Katz.

City Council representative to the HDC Eric Spear said the plan could require two separate site walks, which he deemed necessary to get a sense of how big it would be in terms of context. He also said the commission would potentially discuss design alternatives.

"They decided we wanted to have a site walk because we really need to get out there and get a real perspective," said Spear.

Lots going on in Portsmouth these days. No renderings yet, though I imagine some kind of brick and roughly 4 floors. Wouldn't want to be taller than that church steeple!
this is just out of the CBD... which means its growing up Islington
I just wonder if anyone involved with the Historic District Commission will try to save this building. Nice to see projects outside of the CBD.
Oh my gosh, that rendering of the Bow Street development and those DECKS make me want to drool! The Portsmouth decks are amazing already, but I can never seem to get there early enough to sit outside and enjoy a nice local brew!

For those that have not been able to visit Portsmouth and its surrounding communities, I HIGHLY recommend it. Great restaurants, wonderful people, great history, pretty views, I could go on forever. The following would be my favorite things in the Portsmouth area, all of which I will be very sad to leave when I relocate to Boston in a few months...

1. Rye beaches. Hampton Beach? Screw that. Rye is where it's at.
2. The Spring Hill Tavern on Bow Street in Portsmouth - there's ACTUALLY a spring at the end of the bar that is home to three beautiful fish!
3. Fort Constitution in Newcastle, off Rt. 1B. You want a scare? Go at night and check out those tunnels. CREEPYYYYYYY!!!
4. The Blue Mermaid, Portsmouth. Get the wood-grilled seafood.
5. The drive between Portsmouth and Hampton on Rt. 1A
6. Adams Point in Durham - great walking trails!
7. Smuttynose beers. You can't say you've been to Portsmouth if you haven't gone to the Brewery and tasted their deliciousness.
8. Breaking New Grounds. DO NOT even think about going to downtown Portsmouth and getting your coffee at Starbucks. That would be a sin.
9. The South Cemetary, Portsmouth. I have a knack for cemetaries and this one takes the cake:
10. Vaughan Woods, South Berwick, Maine. Okay, this is in Maine, but again the walking trails here are simply gorgeous, and it really isn't all that far up from Portsmouth. It's worth it; believe me.
11. If you're coming from the west, try to make it to Calef's in Barrington. If you're coming from anywhere else, what the heck, take a drive there too. A traditional country store, for sure! Get a sandwich at the deli and some Sherman Farm's chocolate milk - both delicious!

I really could go on forever. I wish I could stay here, but commuting to Boston every day for the past year has finally got me. Maybe it's those $4 gas prices...
Agreement on Westin project expected soon

Article Date: Tuesday, July 1, 2008
PORTSMOUTH ? A joint development agreement between the city and HarborCorp involving the Westin project is well on its way to fruition, says City Attorney Bob Sullivan, and should be ready for approval by the City Council at its July 21 meeting.

The large northern tier project, which includes a hotel, parking garage and conference center, has been delayed several times by Ocean Properties and its derivatives since it was approved by the city in 2005.

The newly amended agreement will eliminate the need for public financing, said Sullivan, and comes after Superior Court Judge Kenneth McHugh ruled that if the $15 million need for public funding was taken out of the original agreement the legal challenges raised by Ocean Properties would be "moot."

Sullivan said that all along the city's primary goal in the project was to build a 1,000-seat conference center and the garage was never the primary motivating factor involved in the deal.

"It's been the major driving force behind everything that his happened," said Sullivan.

The garage will be owned and built by HarborCorp, said Sullivan, and there is potential down the road that the city could seek ownership over the facility although he has no contemplation of that actually happening.

Given that fact, the city attorney said the city is following all recommendations from the courts and hopes to have something prepared prior to going before the council.

Pending approval from the council, site plans will need to be submitted before the Planning Board, added Sullivan, which could potentially lead to more litigation.

Sullivan said there's already been so much litigation brought against the project that he'll, "never say there won't be any more."

Lots of construction should be going on in Portsmouth by next summer.
This, Parade Mall, Kline Furniture store redevelopment, Pier II. Not bad for a small town of 20,000.
There are a number of around town developments- I really need to get some photos for everyone.
There are definitely a lot of exciting developments right now in Portsmouth. I saw in the paper the other day that they're FINALLY demolishing the hotel on the Portsmouth traffic circle. I'm excited to see what tenants move into the new space that will be built.
^^ No its still standing and in use. Last I read the project has been scaled back a bit, due to the current markets. The main office building and hotel I think are going up first and once the market turns the codos will be added on.

On that note however there are a number of buildings going up, the Bow street project is well underway and should be rising soon, and there was a sleeper State st building which is replacing that lone one story structure next to The Rosa. It looks very sharp in their on site marketing. It too is about to rise.