Regional Rail (RUR) & North-South Rail Link (NSRL)


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Feb 8, 2016
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Yes. The town was about 100x more focused on the window-dressing car amenities than the extremely narrow, nearly-shelterless non-accessible platforms being deathtraps and the track crossings being extremely dangerous and blocked all the damn time by gigantic freight trains. That's a perfect description of Ayer. Stop the world over a fight for parking spaces...continued big shrug at the game of pedestrian chicken being played across the tracks of one of the busiest rail junctions in New England.

Safe and accessible platform shouldn't be too enormous a production there. Some minor interlocking modifications for the pair of outer freight passers framing a middle 12 x 800 ft. full-high passenger island. Space is abundant inside the wye for doing both the track setup and the up-and-over access from both the station kiss-and-ride and Faulkner St. It just may take to the heat death of the universe to get the town to agree on those straightforward plans, or for the T to hold it to a construction schedule given their track record of late with renovating CR stations.
To be fair, the new parking structure is very well used on weekends and holidays for the bike path that starts in Ayer (and goes to nashua). It's not just for the commuter rail.