Site Issues

When did the ‘preview post’ option disappear?
Hi there - I'm not sure if this goes here, but I recently made a request to change my username. Could a moderator please review and approve that? Thank you.
The image uploader is messed up again where no matter where you put your cursor it will only insert an image at the very top of your post. So annoying, it had been fixed for a while, but it sucks again…
Several us have been waiting on name change approvals for a couple months now. Any mods out there able to approve them? Thanks in advance 🙏
How do we arrange for that?
I have the same question, as a trans person badly awaiting her username change, part of me is tempted to make a new account just so I don't have to look at a username that references (but thankfully in a stroke of luck does not directly use) my deadname. @vanshnookenraggen - any clue how to reach out to an admin?