The New Retail Thread

Hidden in today's article on DTX:

FAO Schwarz is to open a new store in the basement of Macy's ... by Christmas.
Hidden in today's article on DTX:

FAO Schwarz is to open a new store in the basement of Macy's ... by Christmas.


Isnt the Macys basement....a Macys?
Isnt FAO Schwartz bankrupt?
Arent there more viable stores available (old barnes and nobles)
If FAO reopened it would be nice for them to take their Boylston teddy bear back. That location seemed more appropriate and inviting than the flagship on Fifth Ave. (in the cold, cold GM monstrosity).
Not sure what you're sayin' czsz. Are there two bears? The Boston bear is in front of the New England Medical Center / Floating Hospital ... at least it was, two hours ago when I walked by. It could have walked away, but I don't think it could have made it to NYC that quickly.
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Yeah - I doubt that Tufts Medical Center wants to give it back now.
oops...I didn't know they moved it. Shame.
Retail updates in higher end...

Gucci is set to open their new store bymid November for the holida season in the corner space of the Mandarin next to the Pru entrance. Both stores, that and the Copley location, will remain open through the holiday season.

Cartier is set to open its second location once Gucci vacates its Copley space.

Prada pulled its epi-center store from the Mandarin long ago in favor of the garage next to Burberry on Newbury street.

Ben Sherman and Ed Hardy are both in the process of getting their stores open on Newbury; Sherman near Dartmouth and Ed Hardy in the od Army Barracks space on the top block.

DKNY has made space for Donna Karan ready-to-wear at its Newbury location which is located on the first level of the building and DKNY above.

Still waiting for Adidas!!!!
High-end boutiques replacing an Army-Navy store seems like the wrong move in this economy.
Many of the rich have kept their money --especially if they invested in gold when they first saw signs of the present fiasco. If you bought fifty million's worth of gold a year ago, you have sixty million now.

$10,000,000: not bad earnings for a year of doing nothing.
Sounds like FAO is becoming Macy's toy department, not just in Boston but everywhere.
Vineyard Vines is also opening in the Prudential in what I believe used to be Talbot's.
Panera has opened by landmark center, next to Blick
Across the street, Chipotle is about to open
Other side of Triology, a hair salon opened. Theres only one retail spot left available at triology, and its full of wood, so someone may be coming in.

At the corner of Brookline and Boylston, Bradleys Liquors will be closing and moving two blocks down the street by mcdonalds to a larger location. Im not sure what exists there now.
This might signal that the leases arent being renewed at the parcel so that it can be demolished and the triology people can build something new.
Ron the typical habitat of those donning vineyard vines clothing is Chatham, Nantucket, and Marblehead. Not so much for Cambridge and Somerville so I can understand your confusion in thinking this was a wine store.