Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

Updated photo from Oakland street infill

Looks like this small development has been completed. Very New England looking traits. It fits neatly into the surroundings.

250 apartments proposed for 250 Everett Street in Lower Allston--great spot for infill, imo!

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My only issue would be that this site should be more than a 5-over-1. Certainly good spot for housing, though.

It's a bit of a shame the City didn't do a comprehensive plan for the whole strip between Telford and Everett all the way from Western to N. Beacon (or at least to Guest). You could see a great mall of parkland there through several development parcels, maybe with a dedicated busway and a deck over the Turnpike.

It's great that the industrial strip is headed off for Allston Landing, 176 Lincoln, and hopefully future redevelopments on the Artisans Asylum and Star Market blocks with both tenants getting new space, but that strange strip in the middle of the neighborhood had more potential.
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25-39 Harvard Avenue



“The Proponent is proposing to redevelop approximately 48,973 square feet of land (approximately 1.12-acres) by demolishing the existing buildings and constructing a six (6)-story, mixed-use, building anticipated to include up to 170 rental units, approximately 5,000 square feet of ground floor retail/commercial space and up to 58 on-site parking spaces (the “Project”).”
Advisors Living Sells all 111 Luxury Living Units in Stratus Residences in Brighton

“BOSTON – Advisors Living, the residential real estate sales platform associated with Boston Realty Advisors, has sold all 111 luxury living units in Stratus Residences, on the inviting 12-acre campus in Brighton.

Minutes from the universities and health institutions of Brookline, Cambridge and Boston and with immediate access to the MBTA’s Green Line, Stratus Residences — featuring studios to three-bedroom units — sold from $499,000 to $1.75 million. The final unit closed yesterday.

“We were excited to be part of team on the sellout of this dynamic new development community that offered a little something for everyone,” said Janice Dumont, Chief Executive Officer of Advisors Living New Development. “From start to finish the building sellout took 23 months, selling between four and five units a month on average, which is a great pace.”

Between the partial streetwall and the separated bike lane on the eastbound direction, this area is starting to feel less like an urban highway and more like a shitty arterial, which actually is progress!

Also, there is a dedicated thread for this project FYI:

30-unit apartment building proposed for Chestnut Hill Ave:

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Seems like a missed opportunity to not include the 1-story retail building next door and the vacant former Bank of America in one larger project.
-So they rejected it when it had 5 units facing sideways, citing that it cant be built perpendicular to the street, so they knocked off 1 unit kept it exactly the same and it was approved… Wtf?

Row of four side-facing townhomes approved on Allston Street in Allston

By adamg on Tue, 08/08/2023 - 10:28am
Townhomes rendering

“The Zoning Board today approved a developer's plans to build four attached condos with front entrances that would face a new driveway at 108 Allston St., across from the West End House, in Allston.
The board had rejected a similar proposal by Brian McGrath that consisted of five units last fall, saying in part that side-facing condos like that just are not common practice in Boston - although there is an even larger such building just down the block.
The proposal calls for seven parking spaces - four for residents and three for visitors.
Allston Civic Association President Tony D'Isidoro called the proposal "a huge improvement over the original," especially because the units would definitely be sold as condos, rather than rented out as apartments.”
A drone is a great tool for a tough site to photograph!
I took some some street shots. The shiplap at the top floor does not seem to be a good choice, it looks like an addition. Hopefully the roof overhang helps hide this material choice.


The masonry looks good but the lintel holding it up appears a little undersized. I think its starting to bow under the weight and they are shoring it up with 2x4s??

Thin gray panel material, looks like it could easily crack if abused. They don't look as dark as the rendering either, I bet staining will show up easily.



1035 Commonwealth Avenue​


“Proposed construction of a new 6-story building, five (5) stories of residential uses with a common roof deck that will include fifty-five (55) total Dwelling Units, five (5) three-bedroom residential units, fifteen (15) two-bedroom residential units, twenty (20) one-bedroom residential units and fifteen (15) studio units, 3,653 square feet of ground floor retail, a residential lobby, parking for forty-four (44) bicycles and storage.”

365 Western Avenue (65 units)

38 Hichborn Street (38 units)

201 Washington Street (6 units)

249 Corey Road (33 units)

421-425 Market Street (23 units)

81 Chestnut Hill Avenue (14 units)

458-460 Washington Street (28 units)

Also went by several sites that were currently inactive...

  • 30 Leo M. Birmingham Parkway (117 units)
  • 46 Leo M. Birmingham Parkway (38 units - intended sister building of 525 Lincoln)
  • 500 Western Avenue (116 units)
  • 11 Faneuil Street (41 condo units)
  • Allston Green (349 units)
  • 14 Gardner Street (38 condo units...a sign was posted indicating a Landmarks Commission hearing back in August)
  • 449 Cambridge Street (127 units)