Logan Airport Capital Projects


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May 28, 2007
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From the people I've spoken to, the sole issue is having enough operators and buses to cover that. If you implemented it as is, it would result in a drop in service because even with the boarding friction at the combined stops, it still takes less time than two full loops of traffic filled Logan.
Makes you think about the Logan roadways.

Make all the cars run through Central Parking drop off/pickup like Uber and Lyft, and leave the roadways to the terminals free for large multi-occupant vehicles. (Cue the outrage!)


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Apr 17, 2018
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Are there any american airports that charge for personal dropoffs yet? If Uber/Lyft get $3.25 it seems fair personal vehicles should too at some point, especially since basically ALL personal vehicle dropoff/pickups deadhead in one direction.

UK Airports routinely do this:
Edinburgh does 2GBP for up to 5 minutes, 4GBP for up to 10 mins, 10GBP for 15 mins and continues up from there. Specifically structured to encourage quick dropoffs and pickups.
Newcastle does 2GBP for up to 10 mins, 4GBP for up 30 mins and up from there.
Manchester does 3GBP for 5 mins, 4GBP for 10 mins and up from there.

A lot of them offer free dropoffs at a remote location, usually economy parking lots, with a bus or walking connection. They also traditionally have recirculation fees, like Manchester hits you with a 25GBP fee if you leave and reenter the curbside area, to prevent people circling the airport endlessly. It encourages people to wait in a cell phone lot for their passengers to arrive then go pick them up. This would all help with the tons of people I see blocking the buses on the arrival levels at Logan (especially Terminal B). Maybe even use the newly freed up old TNC lots and keep personal pickups off the roadway entirely.

The UK has standardized numberplates and very open laws about their uses so the systems are all numberplate monitored, you pull up to the exit and the system already knows how much to charge you for your stay.


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Dec 10, 2011
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Like DFW airport? By car = $6 to cut through in less than 8 minutes, $2 to visit 8 to 30, $3 for 30 to 120 minutes