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Interesting, just noticed an application filed with the Historical Commission to install a mural in the alleyway between the NoMa tower & the old American Red Cross building (on the side of the Red Cross building)...

Looks like prep work has begun for the mural installation on the side of the old Red Cross building (from today, 8/22):

^You can see the vertical white signature from across the Charles quite clearly. My photos didn't come out great to show, but it's surely a bright light.

Did an afternoon walk around Kendall Square beginning at the Alexandria Technology Square Parking Garage where I couldn’t help but notice the names of the parking levels! First stop, a quick peek inside the new Draper Labs Atrium and was allowed only a peek, then politely showed the door!
Does anyone know of any updates on "Site S" in the Kendall Square Initiative plan? The only information I could find is:

"Site SnARCHITECTS will design the small building at Site S, which will include office space and ground floor retail. nARCHITECTS is a 14-person design firm based in New York City founded by Eric Bunge and Mimi Hoang (MIT Class of 1993) in 1999. The firm has won numerous design awards, including several from the American Institute of Architects."


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Ok, so it's a little presumptuous for me to post this here. I could have opted for "The New Retail Thread"...

...The tweet linked within the above blog post indicates Flat Top Johnny's is returning to Kendall Sq. and does not give an address. But the photo therein appears to be of the new building at 238 Main ("Site 3")

So this COULD mean that FTJ's is going to be a ground floor tenant in the heart of Kendall, which would be awesome.
Though the article doesn't explain the intended meaning behind some of the figures in the mural appearing at different states of completeness than others.
If I may, the name "Charles Gate" seems to imply to me that the figures in the mural are in the process of manifesting themselves in this reality as they pass through the aforementioned gate. I can see it as a reference/nod to how so many technologies and inventions have been pioneered in the Kendall area. The artist mentions connecting the area with the surrounding environment and creating equilibrium, and I can also read that as the influence of the local environs on such discoveries.