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F-Line to Dudley

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Nov 2, 2010
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Would an extended 96 to Malden center compliment this? It never made sense to me why the 101 and 96 didn't cover the same space through Medford center to Malden center (via Salem and Pleasant). The 101 is nearly the only bus serving Malden Center from the west (the 108 goes a few blocks, then heads south), this would expand capacity on the corridor, and it would create an Orange, Green, Red connection in the reverse of your proposed BRT line on route 16 (Orange line north, then green, then red south). Maybe I'm off base here.
Hard to say, because that whole north region is going to be subject to the major post-GLX Better Bus studies where lots and lots of the route map is likely to change and shape-shift to new priorities. Certainly the options are going to diversify a ton on the Davis(RL)-College Ave.(GL) circuit, Medford Sq. being one of the big beneficiaries having its spate of originating options get much broader than today. The 96 as-is runs a bit long to be thinking of super-extending from a Harvard base...but you may not need to do that at all if there's a new option originating out of Davis/College Ave. (and/or Mystic Valley Pkwy. depending on where it routes from there) that covers it to Malden. I would think one or more new spanning routes between Davis/CA terminal and Malden terminal has got to be pretty high on that after-GLX wishlist. When it gets to that point the community meetings are going to be exhaustive, so everyone will get their chance to sound off on what they think the future route priorities should be.