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    Lyra (née The Huntington) | 252/258/264 Huntington Avenue | Fenway

    The city has been pretty involved with this already in order to facilitate a deal that ensures that the Huntington Theatre Company can continue to use the theatre space
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    Downtown Crossing/Financial District | Discussion

    If you look closely, you can see they finally finished fixing all of the detailed plaster work below the vertical lighting.
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    Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    And here I thought it would be conversion to the building's furnace
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    East Boston Infill and Small Developments

    I'm not sure if this has been posted anywhere, but the East Boston time is reporting on a number of the Terminal E expansion mitigation that Massport will kicking in for East Boston, including $18-19 million to build Piers Park Phase 2. I assume this would be just west of the current park along...
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    South Station Tower | South Station Air Rights | Downtown

    Re: South Station Tower NPC filed today:
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    General Electric HQ (Necco Buildings Reno) | 5 Necco Street | Fort Point

    Re: General Electric HQ | Necco St.| Fort Point Here's the LOI:
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    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    Re: Innovation Dist. / South Boston Seaport WTF is an "average bostonian"? I highly doubt any of the people posting on a local architecture forum would qualify for whatever that definition is anyway.
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    East Boston Infill and Small Developments

    PNF for the replacement of the BHA housing in orient heights:
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    New FBI Headquarters | Everett Avenue | Chelsea

    I agree, particularly for an institutional building that has some pretty wonky security/ redundancy/communication requirements.
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    Lovejoy Wharf | 131 Beverly Street | West End

    Saw Deer Tick play from the top of the flagship store with the crow gathered on the boardwalk below last summer. Pretty awesome show / venue, even with traffic noise.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    I disagree. I know of at least 3 major capital projects within the communities that have been put on hold until the issue of municipal funding is resolved.
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    Lovejoy Wharf | 131 Beverly Street | West End

    I feel like the Merano site is pretty different, but this does keep my hopes high for the Quaker Lane Development, awkward hat and all.
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    Limited-service Hotel Project | 73 Essex St | Chinatown

    I'll just say this, people should be very clear about whether they are talking about the buildings, the neighborhood, or both...
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    Limited-service Hotel Project | 73 Essex St | Chinatown

    Here's the PNF: