The archBoston Meetup Thread

Envoy? Might be too busy though.

Whisky Priest might be a good option.

Barking Crab is another good option right in that area. Another option is we could also push the meetup one day and do it at the Boston Calling at Dewey Square.
OK. We really failed at organizing one of these in 2017. It'd be nice if it ever warmed up a bit then I'd say we should do a weekday after work meetup somewhere with outdoor seating.
It has been a really long time since we did one of these and I dropped the ball organizing it.

Thoughts on a time and place in the near-ish (1-2 out month) future? Red Hat in Beacon Hill?
I live in Boston so prefer it but would make the effort to get out to Assembly Sq to check it all out.
Yea I would prefer downtown(-ish) Boston personally. Also more convenient for all interested.
I'm with the downtown option as well.
Selfishly, I propose a date after Easter. (when I can drink again....)
Red Hat is a fine option, if we can fit.
Night Shift is opening a new brewery next to North Station today.
I'll try to make the meetup wherever it occurs, but my preference is downtown during the work week.
^^...or a frappe.

When is this happening? I'm steps away from anything downtown.
Night Shift Lovejoy Wharf, Wednesday, December 11 or December 18, at 6pm. How does this sound?