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Good catch! I'd definitely hope that their design process is accounting for this project.

Considering the PRC (which I believe is the final step in getting a project going) has an approval date of 12/20/2022, I'm thinking it will. It's not clear if this project is fully funded either. MBTA projects are pretty clear in terms of what's funded and what isn't, while this says the estimated cost is $34m and estimated federal participating cost is $36m, and there are no TIP lines for 2023-2027... Maybe 2024-2028?
From the Yawkey commuter rail stop this past weekend --

This gets my vote for the project that will have a shockingly large impact on the feel of the city. Reuniting two sides of the pike without walking the plank of one of the pedestrian overpasses will complete remake what's a pretty hostile area.
How are they going to manage vertical construction past the deck? Any thoughts where a tower crane would go?

Also, noticing now that there was a beam in place across the Pike in AndreyD's post back in April, which appears to be gone now...
Oof this really sucks but seems accurate. Almost no discernable movement in quite some time and driving by at night it didn't seem like much was going on.
Also, noticing now that there was a beam in place across the Pike in AndreyD's post back in April, which appears to be gone now...

They seem to have taken down the span across the Pike
Yeah, this has moved with progress in forever as far as I could tell whenever driving by. This would be very disappointing and the City needs to take a strong stance against the developer if so.
I've been getting increasingly anxious about this as there has been no visible progress since the first week of May. Two weeks ago, I reached out to JF White, the construction manager for the foundation and deck. No response. JF White was also hired to manage the Sumner Tunnel job. Might be wishful thinking, but maybe they worked out a deal to delay this project for a couple of months so they could throw everyone they could on the 24 hour Sumner operation.

Also pure speculation and possibily wishful thinking is whether the may have been a problem with the steel. As mentioned, the girder installed across the eastbound side of the highway was removed and the giant girder that seemed to be prepped to be installed along the length of the Beacon Street Bridge back in March had been taken away. Although the longer this site remains untouched, the less likely this scenario.

The foundation work completed up this point is very significant. This isn't like demolishing a building, clearing a site, then pausing the project. Hard to imagine IQHQ would sink this much money and work on the site before an indefinite pause, but if they couldn't secure a viable loan or tenants, maybe they had no choice.
They seem to have taken down the span across the Pike

JF White is in charge of building the deck over the pike. So the micropile driller, cast-in-place concrete sub, steel erector, etc. are all subcontractors to JF White. At bid time, JF White had a low steel number from a company that was not DOT prequaled (not sure if this means their fab facility was not pre-approved or their erector was not prequaled). I understand it was 6-figures savings. JF White encouraged the owner/CM to select the second low number that was DOT prequaled. They went with the low number instead and the first section of steel that was erected had problems (again, not sure if it was in the erection or the fabrication). DOT told them to take it down and come up with remedial actions or bring in a DOT approved steel guy. They've been in a holding pattern ever since. So, because the owner/CM wanted to save a little money, they're costing themselves a lot of money.